How to Transform Your Life in a Year. Guaranteed.


Recently, I heard a piece of advice that I've been thinking about every single day.  It all started when I somehow stumbled on the "anti-MLM" part of Youtube.  In one video, the Youtuber shared a clip of of a secretly recorded MLM Zoom meeting.  

On the call, the woman told her team that their year from now, will be the direct reflections of habits they instill today. 

Although the woman quickly moved on to a new topic, her words wouldn't leave my mind.

I believe in the "default future" theory which basically states that our lives will look pretty much the same a year from now.  Sure things might improve (or get worse) but overall you can comfortably predict your foreseeable future based on how things are today.  

The default future theory also states that in order to change or alter your future, something major must take place that changes the direction of your life.   Unless you do something dramatic to change your future, everything will stay the same.

To tell you the truth, default future theory scares me a little.  That's because some of my goals are very different from my current reality so it's hard to determine how I'll get from here to there.

"Rewrite Your Future"

The woman on the zoom call essentially told us we don't necessarily have to do something dramatic to impact our future.  We can simply take deliberate actions that will have a real effect on our lives one year from now.

For instance...

Since listening to the zoom call, I've rejoined a gym.  If I do nothing to strengthen my body today, I will have less muscle mass and bone density a year from now.  I've also identified several daily actions I can implement in my business that will compound my results if I stay consistent.   

Reset Your Expectations

Another aspect to altering our default future is resetting expectionations.  It's important  to alter our expectations of what outcomes we wish to experience. If someone were to ask me to describe my life a year ago versus  today, much of it would seem very similar.  Why? Because I didn't really expect things to change.  So everything pretty much stayed the same.  If I don't want this pattern to continue, then I must start with new expectations then follow up with implementing new actions.

Let's create a new future for ourselves.  First start by envisioning how you'd like your life to realistically look like in a year.  Then work backward by immediately identify the actions that'll get you one step closer.   Even if you're not 100%  consistent, you can still experience impressive results as long as you keep going.  

Tomorrow, when you wake up to a new day, say your blessings, and remember that it's a brand new opportunity to create the life you want.   

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