Solid Fragrance is the New It Girl For Summer.

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 Lately, I've been seeing an uptick of content from influencers sharing their favorite, and most coveted fragrances from their collection.  I try not to get too enwrapped in the content because I don't trust myself not to get carried away with perfume purchases.  I've already amassed quite a collection and don't really need to buy anything new. 

....what I needed was a new way to wear what I already own.

Since I work from home, my main objection in wearing fragrance is to experience the of elation randomly breathing in my favorite scent throughout the day.  The problem is that one of my favorite everyday scents is a budget perfume with absolutely zero lasting power.  

One day, I happened to be browsing Glossier's website and stumbled on their solid perfume.  Since I already have a bottle of their signature fragrance (You), I convinced myself that I didn't need their perfume solid.  But the reviews changed my mind.  I loved the idea of having a portable, purse-friendly version of a fragrance I already enjoy.  More importantly, I wanted to test out a solid perfume to see if it lived up to the hype.

Once my solid arrived, I immediately gave it a test run to determine proof of concept.  Yes, I wanted a solid of Glossier's perfume but, more importantly, I wanted to see if I could replicate the concept with my other faves.  There's this perfume that I adore but it's been discontinued.  My only salvation is when random eBay sellers offer mini spray bottles at ungodly prices.  If I could transform one of those tiny sprayers of designer fragrance into a solid, it would basically last forever.  

Most perfume solids are simply a combination of fragrance paired with some sort of wax (like beeswax).  In my opinion, the texture of Glossier's Solid is too firm which impeded spreadability.  There are solid perfume tutorials on YouTube that require the melting of wax over a hot stove.....don't nobody got time for that.  

For my experiment, I decided to mix a little eu de parfum on my fingertips with my beloved CeraVe Healing's like an elevated, more hydrating version of Vaseline.   Then I easily spread the perfume salve on the desired area.

Let me tell you....the results were magnificent.  

It seemed like the salve only helped intensify the scent.  On one wrist, I dabbed a little bit of Glossier's Solid, on the other wrist, I used my homemade perfume salve.  Both of smelled wonderful but, DIY side was slightly stronger.  It's probably because I could measure how much fragrance required to increase (or decrease) intensity.  Also, because the salve was easy to spread, I applied it to a larger area.  To me, this mimicked the results of spray perfume (over a larger surface) versus dabbing hardened wax to a tiny area.  

My next move will be to secure a few mini metal tins from Amazon so I can create an assortment of various "solid" perfumes featuring all of my favorite scents.  I suspect that solid perfume will outperform traditional spray scents in situations when you want additional lasting power (like for gym visits or for the long, hot summer days).  Thanks to CeraVe's balm, the process was super easy, Do yourself a solid and try this hack for yourself.    

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