Sticky Base Coat is Your Secret to Longer Lasting Manicures

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I am always on the lookout for tips and tricks to extend the life of my at-home manicures.  Not long ago, I shared a couple of techniques on how to apply topcoat in a way that deters chipping.  Today, we talk about how to perfect yet another step in the polish application process--using the right basecoat.  

For the longest time, I believed that basecoat was simply there to help prevent the polish from staining your nails.  Since my nails don't stain easily, I often skipped this step.  But then I learned of a base coat with the ability to actually help your nail polish to adhere to the nail more effectively and I immediately wanted one. 

The base coats I speak of are often referred to as "sticky" base coats.  As the name implies, sticky base coats create a sort of bond between your nail and the polish, helping your color to stick to your nails longer.  When I got my first bottle of sticky base coat, my expectations were low.  My pessimism came from an experience where I asked a nail tech now to get my nail color to last longer.  Her response was "you can't."  Well, she was wrong. Because, when I used a sticky base coat, my polish definitely stayed on longer. 

Take a look at these reviews to see what I'm talking about. 

Sticky base coat is a difference-maker.   Specifically, I purchased the one by Kiara Sky.  There are other options like Essie's First Base Adhesion and this one by Pro-Nail (also with great reviews). 

Then one day, the unthinkable happened.  I accidentally knocked over my precious bottle of Stick & Stay basecoat and broke it. 

 I somehow convinced myself to believe that I could maintain similar results without the help of this marvelous product...but I was mistaken.  When I went back to the regular way of doing my nails,  the lifespan of my manicures diminished. Then I picked up some TikTok hacks on how to improve my technique.   Then I theorized that if I paired the sticky base coat with the powerful topcoat application strategies from TikTok, I'd be unstoppable. 

 So I bought 2 more bottles of Kiara Sky, just in case my clumsiness gets the best of me and now I'm ready to experience the longest-lasting manicures of my life. 


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