The Water Drinking Challenge Continues.


It's been a couple weeks since we officially kicked off the "Drink your [effin] water challenge!"  How are you doing so far?  I've had some ups and downs myself but, no matter what, I'm committed to maintaining this new habit.  I'm still reaping the befits of clear skin, healthier nails, manageable new growth, and soft skin all over.  These results alone are enough to keep me going but what's been most inspiring are the comments and messages I receive from you about the benefits you are experiencing throughout all of this.

I think of my water drinking as a way of cleansing my internal body.  Every day I wash my face, I take a shower, I brush my teeth, etc.  I use water on a daily basis to wash my external self.  Why not do a proper cleansing internally using water as well?  For every external benefit I'm experiencing, I know that my cells are twice as happy.

This journey of drinking more water was inspired by a post I wrote on the commonly shared beauty habit of Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, and Adriana Lima of drinking 1 gallon of water a day. Then I began a personal water drinking challenge and was floored by how much I benefited from this simple action.

Recently, while checking out some YouTube videos, I stumbled upon this:

Chilli, a woman who's 41 years old and still looks as good as women half her age, attributes her perfect skin to three things, discipline, LOTS OF WATER, and exfoliation.  I'm going to assume, for the sake of argument that by discipline, she's referring to her eating and exercise habits.  We already know what she means by "lots of water."  And in order to have that baby smooth skin, we have to consistently exfoliate.  This will be my next area of focus.  After receiving my first skin peel, I'm completely sold on how much proper exfoliation is key to an overall healthy glow.  Maybe we'll talk about this more in detail in another post.  But for now, let's add Chilli to our list of water-drinking inspirations and keep moving forward.

How are you doing on this challenge?


  1. Just this week, I've gotten 4 compliments from close friends about how my skin was glowing! She asked me what products I was using and told her that I had committed to drinking at least 48 oz of water daily! Later that night, she text me a pic of her new extra large water bottle. I am in love with this challenge!

  2. Girl yes! I love it. Thanks for sharing, your story definitely keeps me inspired. This challenge is going to save us so much money on skin care products.

  3. I still insist on the African Black soap for beautiful baby soft skin lol Lady Dee even stocks them

  4. Wish I had gotten in on this challenge! Such a great idea. I'll have to just start on my own!

  5. I tried upping my intake to around 80 oz but I found it hard to balance my work schedule (as a teacher, I'm on my feet for hours at a time) with my continual need for the bathroom....
    I think I'll stick to 48!


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