Touches of Leather

Lately, it seems like everything most of my purchases are following a similar theme.  Faux leather mixed with different fabrics.

It began with my Calvin Klein heels (which are thee most comfortable pair of heels I own).  Since then I've added several other pieces which feature leather  blended with fabrics.  I'm in love with my black and white skirt I picked up this week.

(similar skirt *on sale* ASOS )

The other piece I snagged also featured a leather accent.  This lovely dress perfect for fall.  My eyes immediately were drawn to the faux leather neckline and and the detailing on the belt.

( dress || House of Couture boutique || bag Chanel So Black)

I'm in love with the neutral brown color, the material, and the length of this dress.  Technically, this piece is a bit too big for me but I had to get it anyway because I adore it so much.  Can not wait to get the perfect pair of boots that will finish this look.

Even though I'm well aware that I'm partial to faux leather, I'm not slowing down.  I'd actually like to experiment with adding even more pieces to my collection.  Including a solid leather skirt and a pair of pants similar to these.

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  1. Nadge,

    Where did you get that brown dress, it is beautiful. I have googled House of Couture Boutique and nothing comes up.


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