Instagram Feature: Meet your new virtual fitness trainer

It's time for another fitness inspiration post.  This time, we're gonna do something a little different.  I'd like to focus on one Instagram inspiration in particular who is responsible for sculpting the bodies of multiple beauties.


The Instragramer I'm speaking of goes by the name of @brandonoshodin.  I stumbled on his page yesterday and couldn't wait to share with all of you.  Brandon is a personal trainer who's passion is to bring his clients to peak fitness levels.  I follow several personal trainers on instragram but I instantly connected with the healthy mix of inspiration and motivation when I scrolled through his page.

This quote in particular really resonated with me.  Reminds me of a post I wrote long ago discussing our future selves.  I love Brandon's repeated message of doing it even especially when you don't feel like it.  Check out this little excerpt he posted recently.

"This is all that matters. When there is nobody around to motivate you. You're tired. You'r ebusy. The lines between it's too late at night and it's to early in the morning are blurred. You can't find the right song to motivate you or the right speech to inspire you. Will you do what you said you were going to do? Will you shrink into mediocrity or step forward into greatness. It's not about the workout it's about strengthening your will power and discipline. Our self esteem is directly tied to the promises we make to ourselves and keep. ACHIEVE GREATNESS."
If all that wonderful motivation weren't enough, he floods our timelines with images that will certainly inspire you to get fit.....Check out some of his clients.



"Every time I tell her to get up and get that workout in, she's already got it done.  That's discipline.  Workout when you want to do it, and work out when you don't want to.  As you can see, the results are worth the effort" 
                       ~@brandonoshodin speaking of Dolly Castro~

Not only does he motivate and inspire, but his page is filled to the brim with short video clips of his workouts in action.   Some of them were pretty intense. I think I burned a few extra calories just watching this video.  Thanks to him, I have even more ideas of how to utilize my resistance bands in creative ways.  Those things are perfect for creating muscle-toning resistance without having to invest in a ton of weights.  

I'll feature some of my other favorite trainers in future posts.  But for now, I'd like to thank Brandon for giving us a burst of inspiration and keeping us focused on our goals.  

*I'd also like to thank him for the occasional pic of him flashing his well sculpted abs*



  1. Wow, great post. I was just talking about gaining muscle tone last night! Motivation!


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