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Someone must have been a really good girl this year because I received a very special delivery on the eve of Christmas.  Can I just tell you how excited I am about my haul?

After much discussion about the value of pea sprout extract in hair growth & health, I finally get to wrap my greedy little hands around a bottle (or two) of my own.  We've talked about grow gorgeous serum before.  But now I actually read the package, so let's find out more about it, shall we?
grow gorgeous

Product description on the label:
"Put your lethargic follicles through some serious schooling with this ultra-concentrated formula with a proprietary 21.5% active complex of 7 technologies that work hard together to make hair visibly longer, thicker and fuller."
Here is a breakdown of the 21.5% active complex.

+ 8.0% Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3: "Has been shown in an independent study to start working within 8 days to improve visible hair length while increasing hair density by 13% within 4 months. It'd be like having 13,000 more hairs on average."

+8.0% Bio-Active Pea Sprout Complex:  "Starts working within 2 weeks and improves visible hair growth by 78% compared to normal levels within 3 months based on an independent active complex study."

+5% Bio Active Complex of Chinese Skullcap, Soy Sprout & Wheat Sprout: "Improves visible hair thickness and the condition of the follicles within 3 months for fuller, denser and healthier looking hair.

+0.5% Hyaluronic Acid (non animal source): "Is able to attract up to 1,000 times it's weight in water, improving in scalp hydration and penetration.

So now that you have a basic understanding of the makeup of the serum, let's talk a little more about it.  I checked out the ingredient list which is pretty extensive but honestly, most of it consists of plant based extracts.  Water is the first ingredient.  The "Bio Active Extracts & Hyaluronic acid appear near the top of the list after water.  The only oil I saw present was castor oil which appeared as one of the latter ingredients.  As you can see from the picture above, it's a liquid serum.  The consistency is very watery and easy to distribute using the dropper provided.  Application was a snap because of the texture.  The only thing I would change about it is the scent.  It's really mild but, to me, it has a slight cologne-like smell.  But other than that, I'm cool with it.  I'm supposed to use it once a day, massaging it in until my scalp has fully absorbed the liquid.  So far, so good. Because of it's watery base, it feels like I'm moisturizing my roots during the process.  This also gives me another reason to stay consistent with my scalp massages.

fountain beauty molecule

Since I live in the U.S. and only delivers in the UK, I had to take advantage of this opportunity and order whatever I could while I had the chance.  So I picked up a bottle of Fountain which is a liquid supplement containing 40 mg of Trans-Resveratrol.  This main ingredient is a powerful anti-oxidant which can help fight free radicals.  They say that resveratrol helps slow down the rate at which our cells divide which can slow down the aging process by extending the life of the cell.  Along with resveratrol, Fountain also contains black carrot (another anti-oxidant) and hyaluronic acid.  Seemed too good to pass up.

gold collagen

Finally, I picked up more collagen.  This time it's in a bottle, already formulated for immediate consumption.  I heard about Gold Collagen before but had a hard time getting my hands on it.  When I saw it on, I knew what I had to do. Another thing I like about Gold Collagen is that it also contains vitamins such as zinc, copper, biotin, vitamin C, E, B6 and, the one ingredient that all my purchases have in common, hyaluronic acid.

Santa sure knows how to make a girl's day.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I am very interested in your results. Please keep us posted!

  2. How did you order the products? The Grow Gorgeous isn't sold and shipped to the US. Thanks!

  3. Hi Victoria,
    I actually reached out to someone who lives in the UK and requested a favor to have her ship them to me.

  4. I am also interested in the result. Are you still using the growth serum? I wonder If your friend will ship me a whole box of the products. Thanks

  5. This is now available in the US through the Grow Gorgeous website. I am very interested to know how it worked for you before I purchase. Please update.


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