{Love her Look} Regina Hall


After seeing these pics of Best Man Holiday actress Regina Hall enjoying a night out, I immediately became inspired.  Her look was so simple, flawless, and best of, all can be easily recreated with a few statement pieces.

I absolutely love the pairing of red and gold.  Most of the time, I tend to steer clear of red dresses but, thanks to Regina, I know how to look bold and simplistic at the same time.  Long sleeves perfectly compliment the flirty length of this eye-catching piece.

She also chose to keep the accessories at a minimum, allowing the dress to shine.  I love that she paired this dress with gold accessories instead of the default black.  Gold adds a bit of elegance & dressiness to the look which she balances by going with casual hoops and strappy heels.

Finally, I adore how she went for a simple pulled up sleek ponytail which has a slight curl.  Everything about this look is understated yet intentional.  I love it!

H&M Gold Hoop Earrings // Red Long Sleeve Skater Dress //  Strappy Heel // Gold Plated Heel //

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