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After realizing that I spend entirely too much time in my office, in front of the computer, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a beauty survival kit at the touch of my fingers.
With the help of a small acrylic tray, I was able to compile a few of my favorite essential beauty items.  Anytime throughout the day, I can reach for my favorite lipstick, nourish my cuticles, moisturize & seal my hair, or take a swig of nutrient rich collagen. 

.....in my beauty essentials kit:
1.} Coach fragrance
2.} Gold Collagen supplement
3.} Gleau Oil Blend (Travel size)
4.} Rosebud Lip Salve
5.} L'Occitane Shea Butter tin
6.} Aveda Damage Remedy moisturizer
7.} MAC Nude lipstick
8.} grow gorgeous hair growth serum.
9.} Glam Glow clearing mud

It's a start.  If I find that I don't use any of the items that often, I'll just switch it out for something else.  Best of all, this simple tray takes up very little space since it's smaller than a sheet of paper.  Even while writing this post, I paused and gave myself a cuticle massage (something I haven't done for months), took a swig of collagen and added some Gleau to my ends.  .  I can already tell that this beauty survival kit will add a lot of value.

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