On Repeat: Products that keep me coming back


Time for me to replenish some of my most beloved beauty items.  I've blogged about each one of these items before.  They've served me well and now it's time replenish once again.  

 {Iman BB Creme}  What I love about this product is how it serves as a moisturizer, light foundation and sunscreen all at once.  I can't tell you how often I run out of time in the mornings and have to clumsily apply this with my fingers while driving.  The results always look the same. My scars are covered, my skin looks hydrated and I'm protected from the sun.  I'll probably use this for the rest of my life. 

+ {Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo} After my hair analysis confirmed that I was suffering from product overload, I made sure to put Neutrogena Anti-Residue to use.  This stuff deep cleanses my hair with no suds and without leaving it feeling totally stripped.  I've replaced it many a times.  My only wish is that it came in larger sizes.

+ {Glam Glow Clearing Mud} I'm pretty much reaching the bottom of my Glam Glow jar.  I'm giving this mud much props with helping keep my skin clear.  It's so convenient, dries quickly and keeps my skin at peace.  As you may know, I own both of the Glam Glow masks and, of the two, I find myself reaching for this one more often. The original Glam Glow offers more of an exfoliating treatment which I don't really need since I use a Clarisonic Pro and my Riiviva.  My skin loves products that deeply purifying which is why I will be getting more of this.

+ {Beauty Burst Collagen} Addicted.  I am absolutely addicted to these yummy beautifying treats. They taste so delicious and they give my skin plumpness.  So even though I eat more than the recommended, I don't feel as guilty about it since I know I'm getting additional collagen.  If you have a sweet tooth, consider reaching for something that's both sweet and beneficial.  

+ {BabyFace Pure Protein} Words can't describe how grateful I am for this product.  My hair doesn't do well with protein products but ever since Pure Protein came into my life, things have been very different.  I love that it allows me to blend it into any of my favorite moisturizing conditioners.  This saves me time and money from having to buy moisturizing conditioners and protein based conditioners. Now my entire budget can be dedicated to moisturizing deep conditioners.  I love this product so much it hurts. 

+ {Fresh Clay Mask}  Not sure what happened but I somehow lost my clay bar (sad face). Ever since I started using the Glam Glow, I neglected the Umbrian Clay mask and I guess it felt bad and ran away?  Now that I realize it's gone, I realize how much I need it.  I adored this product because it allowed me to easily give myself a deep purifying mask on a daily basis without over drying/stripping my skin.  Between this and my Glam Glow, the Glam Glow is more powerful. That's why I prefer to use it once or twice a week.  The clay bar was my daily secret weapon that kept congestion at bay.  I got so many compliments when I used this daily.  How on earth did I lose it?  I'm going to dedicate a few more days to searching then I'm ordering another one. 



  1. I'm going to have to try the Iman BB Creme!

  2. Hi nadege, I rarely comment on post but u should know I always look forward to your posts. Love

  3. Hi Miss Fabulosity! Thank you so much! You've made my day. I'm smiling from ear to ear right now.


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