Silk Amino Acids: Your hair, skin & lashes will love it!

Deep Conditioning
There I was standing in my hallway thinking of products I can use during my Conditioning Iron treatment when all of the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Sitting in a back room of my house, tucked away in some boxes, was a small bottle of silk amino acids.  Instantly I rushed over to the back, my pace quickening as I got closer.  As I rummaged through the pile of boxes a small hint of panic rushed over me.  "What if I finished that bottle long ago?"  "What if it's not in the box and I can never find it?"  Suddenly, all of my fears calmed as I had finally found my treasure

The small bottle of silk amino acids was in my grasp.  Everything was right with the world.  I'm not sure how I got to the point where one of my most beloved conditioner boosters was packed away in a box.  How did I forget how amazing this product was?  None of that mattered now.  The only thing important was knowing that everything was restored and now I could move forward with my life. 

Silk amino acids (SAA), ladies are, for lack of a better term, everything you hair needs and more.  Basically, it's a protein derived from cocoons of the silk worm.  It has the wonderful ability to actually penetrated the hair follicle.  I repeat, SAA can penetrate the hair follicle, delivering a light protein directly into the hair.  Best of all, silk amino acid is notorious for it's ability to preserve the hair and skin from moisture loss.

Now that my beloved is back in my life, the two of us have been very busy getting reacquainted.  First I poured a capful of SAA into my Biolage Hydrating balm deep conditioner on wash day.  This was perfect timing as I just ran out of Pure Protein.  I utilized my Thairapy 365 conditioning iron to seal all of it in.  Next I rinsed then added another capful into my Daily Leave-in Tonic.  Again, I treated my hair to the Conditioning Iron.  Detangling my hair during the roller set was easier than my first attempt earlier.  The silk amino acids had already begun to do it's job.

Come relaxer day, silk amino acids will play a critical role in the entire process.  I can choose to use silk amino acids on my hair prior to the relaxer treatment as a way of protecting the strands.  I'll also add a little to the relaxer cream itself to further protect the integrity of my hair.

Right after my wash day treatment with amino acids, I headed over to my mascara tube containing castor oil and proceeded to add some SAA into the mix.  Doing so will add further potency to my DIY lash serum formula.  Next, I reached for my tube of "They're Real" mascara and added a couple of drops for good measure.  Daily use of my silk laced mascara will also help promote lash growth.  Now that it's cooler outside my skin requires much more moisture.    Silk Amino Acids help the skin retain moisture longer.  So when I apply my lotion in the morning, I include a few drops into the mix and use like I would normally.  There's a real difference in the longevity of my product when I mix with silk.

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