Sunday Market

It's been unseasonably warm this week so I decided to head out to the local Farmer's market to enjoy the weather.  Every time I go, I'm guaranteed to get and eye full of interesting art along with ample opportunities for people watching.

I couldn't believe that it reached the 80s today.  To keep comfortable, I opted to wear a light weight, olive green dress paired with my beloved B Makowsky bag.

While there,  I was caught a glimpse of some beautiful heads of hair.  My attention was immediately caught by a young mother and her gorgeous little girl. Both of them with stunning tresses.

As soon as I snapped the pic, I looked across the lawn and saw this girl with her group of friends.  I think I noticed her huge ponytail before anything else.  I wish I could have gotten a closer shot but I didn't want to appear any creepier than I already was.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. Im so jealous that it was 80 where you are, lucky you. Cute outfit. And those are some beautiful heads of hair!

  2. I Live in Orlando too and I didn't see anything worth getting on Sunday. :( Did you find anything good?


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