The Collection.


This post is dedicated to Ms. Neo who requested I post my Chanel bags.  As you can see, I have a small, but loved, collection.  As pictured from back to front:  My two hobos. One  with the traditional chain hardware and quilting and the other with a unique chunky pewter chain.  I featured it once in a previous craving post.  On the bottom row I have a beige classic 2.55 size (caviar). Finally, my newest addition. The black phantom bag known as the Chanel "So Black" (jumbo size/lambskin)

Funny story about the all black phantom, I was watching a series of Chanel collection videos on YouTube and one of them featured an all black bag in the smaller size.  From that moment I knew I wanted one. At the time, Chanels with black hardware were out of season and not available in the boutiques.  Day after day, I would check eBay listings hoping that one would show up.

Finally, someone listed one but the zipper was broken.  I decided to let it go knowing that I would have one someday in the future.  Then, over a year later, I just happened to be in Hawaii visiting their boutique and the very first thing my eyes land on is the all black phantom.  I knew I was in trouble the minute I saw that bag.  What I love most about this black beauty is not having to worry about whether I'm wearing gold or silver jewelry.  This lovely beast goes with everything.

I'm going to slow down after I acquire the other two bags on my craving list.  It won't happen for a while but I can't decide between the Chanel Boy Bag then the Balanciaga City Bag.

Chanel Boy Bag

Balanciaga City Bag
 Which one should I get next?

**Ok Ms. Neo, now it's your turn.   :)


  1. I like them both but you should get the Balanciaga City Bag (the small) the large looks like you're trying too hard to impress.

  2. I just died and went to handbag heaven!! Beautiful collection! I thought you had a mini, you have made me desperately want one!!

    Hope I didn't badger too much, but I love to find out about people's collections and the story behind each bag.

    I'll work on a response!! Thanks for the shout-out to my blog:)

  3. oh, and go for the Chanel Boy. They both give off different vibes but I think the Boy is more versatile while the B is more rocker-chic.

  4. Which ever...both are FAB! I love your collection. I'm working on a new one and you have just sealed the deal on rockin' a casual Chanel. It doesn't always have to be the traditional style. Thanks for sharing!!


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