THE SPLURGE | Via Spiga Heels

It's one of those moments when a decision has to be made.  You stroll into a store with the intention of only browsing when suddenly, something amazing catches your attention.  Well, my friends, that moment happened to me today.

One second these darlings were peaking at me from the shelf, next thing I know, they're on my feet as I stood in front of a full length mirror.

I blacked out after that, but when I came to, I found myself standing in the checkout line, gitty with excitement.  These Via Spiga Norine heels are my new love.  So amazingly comfortable it's ridiculous.  And I'm not going to mention how flattering and sexy they are when worn.

What drew me in was the eye catching, burnt orange accent, but I'm absolutely absolutely in love with the pebbled leather detailing.

Reminds me of the caviar leather of a Chanel bag which provides a level of durability and resistance to scratches you don't normally get with smoother finishes.

They're perfection.

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