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Dry Hair

The other day I thought back to my first 7 day challenge. Basically, I picked an action and challenged myself to do it every day for a week. My first challenge was pretty successful.  I made the commitment to work out daily and followed through on my promise no matter what it took.  At the end of the 7 days, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment and knowing that anything was possible.

So I said,  why stop there? Why not keep this going with other challenges?  After a few minutes of contemplation, I decided to partake in a daily moisturizing challenge.  My motivation was to recreate a time, long ago, when I would apply a small amount of oil to my hair a couple of times a day.  After a while, others noticed that my hair appeared healthier and the compliments poured in.  Since that time, I've strayed far away from that habit.  In fact,  when I was bunning almost daily, it was not uncommon  to go days without moisturizing. 

My first action was to grab my trusty Iphone so I could create a daily reminder. A total of 3 daily reminders were set.  One in the morning, one midday and a third in the evening.  If the timing was right, I would moisturize and seal up to 3X daily.  But, honestly, I was happy to do it even once a day.  A week has now past and now it's time for reflection.

 Because of the frequency in product application, I chose Gleau oil blend which is light enough not to weigh the hair down. As  expected, my hair looked and felt better overall by the end of the week. Normally, by wash day my hair is pretty dry. But this past weekend, things were different.  Overall my hair still retained moisture and had some "hang time" even on wash day (which never happens).  The best part of this experiment came as I conducted my pre-poo session.  Since I don't do much combing during the week, my pre-poo usually results in lots of broken and shed hairs due to all the manipulation.  Not this time.  In fact, this was probably the most successful pre-poo to date.  I've never lost this little amount of hair during the pre-poo before.

I can't deny results like this.  Even though a week has come and gone, I will continue this practice as much as possible. It's definitely a keeper for me.  One thing I will do differently going forward is part my hair in sections when I apply product so every strand receives the benefits.  Another opportunity missed, that I will do more, of is seal my ends every 3rd day or so to further protect from all the manipulation.  Since this 7 day ritual was so successful, I've begun thinking of future experiments to  conduct.  Maybe a 7 day inversion challenge or a 3 liter of water a day challenge.  Who knows? The sky is truly the limit.  If you are battling chronic dryness, I urge you to try this for a week and see how your hair responds.  


  1. I made a challenge my self and you are soo right, your hair does respond better. i have been doing the loc method with a moisture and protein based product and my hair feel soo strong. I took up your tip of adding more protein to my ends and the ends are even thicker in strand compare to the upper half of strands.

  2. That's awesome Dessy! Mind sharing what product you've been using to help strengthen your ends?

  3. The LOC method truly does work!!!! am so happy I finally decided to try it. I OD'd on protein and the LOC method along with GHE brought my hair right back into balance!


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