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Today's a special day because I'm featuring a guest post from a dear friend of mine.  I admire her fashion sense, creative mind and her sharp wit.  Her magnetic personally is what first drew me to her so many years ago.  We were in a room full of people and when she shared her story, I said to myself "I have to know her."  The rest is history.  When she talked about launching her new blog,  Label Addict, I was beyond excited.  So I asked her to grace us with a guest post.  This should hold us down until her blog launches on March 16th.

Label Addict Guest Post
I'm frugal for the most part and I don't get overly excited about things but this shoe has evoked an emotion.  I can't quite say which one it is....just yet or maybe there are several emotions but I just need to wrangle them in.
There's no denying the beauty and detail of this shoe.  Just look at it.  The craftsmanship and creativity are amazing and so worth the cramped calves and the callused soles which will result from walking the 120 feet from the parking lot to the entrance of the gala to where ONLY these shoes could be worn.  Are they practical, No.  Do we care?  Well, yes we do! Speaking for myself, as I progress in life, there are a few things that have changed.

I used to care about how that one pair of shoes would look with outfit I had in mind.  Now, I need the shoe to serve several purposes.  I ask myself, can I wear it to work?  Church? Will they go with anything else in my wardrobe?  Are they an investment or an impulse purchase?  If I buy them, can I return them after I werk the carpet runway in my house? Side Note: Well, technically, it's not a runway but in my mind, it's Fashion Week  in New York and I'm walking for Tom Ford.  Realistically, it's just a long rug that runs down the hallway and keeps me from walking on the cold floor in the winter months.

This allows me to keep my shoes in brand new condition and return them with no problem once sensibility and practicality wake me up from my dream that I am playing dress up in Olivia Pope's closet. How long can I actually stand in them.  In real life!  Not the 'Oh I'm just going to walk from the car to the event and sit down, life".  I don't know how many times I've told myself that and when I actually went to the event, I was standing most of the night because there were either no seats or no gentlemen (ahem) willing to give their seat up! Either way, I can lovingly gaze at these shoes and admire them on others who don't have to go through the three-point process of whether or not to buy them. I'll enjoy this vintage royalty inspired trend by buying items that can be worn comfortably and over the next few months.

Here are a few pieces that allow you to dive into the trend without breaking your ankles, or the bank.  Have fun, it's fashion!

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