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I can not tell you how excited I was after reading a email from a reader who wanted my opinion on a product that claims  to have the power to repair chemically relaxed hair from the inside.  Immediately, I wanted to know more.  What is this product? How does it work? And how can I get my hands on it?

The product is called KHairPep and was first mentioned in an Allure Magazine article. What makes KHairPep work is the active ingredient K18peptipe (trademark).  According to their website, this peptide has the ability to penetrate the cortex of the hair, bonding and rebuilding keratin.  The strengthening benefits of the peptide remains in the hair, even after washing.   The results of their clinical trials show that damaged hair can experience an increase in strength and elasticity of up to 85%.  They tested the strength of virgin hair prior to relaxing and after.  The hair lost about half of it's strength after relaxing but was able to regain up to 90% of it's strength with the application of KHairPep serum.  And, with 4 additional treatments, they observed even more strengthening benefits to the hair.
I don't know about you but this type of news gives me life! This level of hair repair is exactly what I've been waiting for.  First we hear that split ends can be repaired, now we have a product that actually repairs the cortex of the hair.  Do you know how game changing this is?  Ever since I started this blog, my goal has been to help uncover ways to bring as much health back to chemically relaxed hair as possible.  It's been a few years but I finally feel like my mission is actually coming into reality.

Let's go back to the first email sent by a reader which began this conversation.  In it, she wondered about the alcohol listed second ingredient in both KHairPep's serum and hair mask.  Her concern was if the alcohol would be drying to the hair.  I conducted a quick search online to what I could find and yes, that ingredient could be cause for concern if dry hair is an issue.  Confused as to why a product that is meant to repair the hair would have this ingredient so high on list, I reached out to them to seek understanding.

Within days, one of the Co-Founders of the brand reached out to me with a plausible explanation.  Here's what they said:

"The alcohol is present in the KhairPep Transforme™ products for two reasons. The main reason is that it helps swell the hair cuticle which facilitates penetration of our proprietary peptide into the hair. The related reason is that it helps dissolve lipids that would otherwise slow the entry of the peptide into the hair.
Some customers may feel a drying effect. However, it is a necessary step in the process and the result is stronger, more elastic hair and healthier hair. Khairpep is a treatment and as a result we purposely did not build in many cosmetic properties. We wanted it to be the best at repairing hair that has been damaged by bleaching, coloring, straightening etc. Once consumers have used our treatment they can apply any styling or conditioning products that you they like - by this time, the peptide will be inside and repairing the damaged hair.
Some of our customers with dry hair prefer the masque which has additional conditioning (compared to the serum).
To summarize, there may be some drying effect, but it is a necessary part of the treatment and the result is worth it for those with very damaged hair."

 It makes sense. We invest a lot time protecting our cuticle layer and sealing it up to prevent further damage. So if they make a product that is meant to deeply penetrate, we have to open up the cuticle to allow it to do it's thing.  Totally understandable.  And like he said, we can easily reapply moisture to our hair following the treatment.  Since I'm continuing the habit learned from my last 7 day challenge, I know I can maintain decent moisture levels.

Then I went on to ask a few additional questions like the difference between this amazing peptide and functional keratin which we just learned about recently.  And whether this would make for a good reconstructor after a relaxer (prior to neutralizing).  Here's what he said:

"With regards to functional Keratin, it is extracted from wool.  It is a bigger protein that sticks to the surface of the hair fibre.  It can be removed by friction/abrasion under normal conditions...  Our peptide actually penetrates the hair. With regards to your second question, we have not tested Khairpep products after relaxer and prior to neutralizing.  However, our products need to be applied at neutral-acid conditions.... It therefore makes sense that it should not be applied before the neutralizing.  (I believe that relaxing is done at high alkaline levels?). In terms of when to use our product, we recommend using after hair damage (e,g, after bleaching, coloring, relaxing, etc).  Use it 2-4 times depending on hair damage, the next times that you wash your hair.  Maintenance is typically once every 1-2 weeks but depends on personal preference too.  The pertide leaves the hair slowly over time. Note that you use KP products after shampooing while the hair is still damp, but BEFORE the application of any conditioner or styling products because these will block entry of the peptide into the hair."
So there you have it.  The functional keratin is useful for surface level damage while this peptide can take care of things from beneath the surface.  I thought this would be a great product to use directly after a relaxer but it seems to be a better option as a just after the hair has been neutralized but prior to deep conditioning.  With all the info given, I was excited and ready to place my order but, before I did, they generously offered to provide me samples of both the conditioner and the serum and I humbly accepted.  I can't wait to test them out and share my thoughts with you.  Summer is around the corner and I have a clear vision of where I want my hair to be by then.  This product came right on time.

Stay tuned for my update.


  1. Very interesting indeed. I'll be very curious to hear your experience with this product. If it lives up to its claim it would be worth the investment. After visiting the website and reading the product directions, I'm curious about how you'd be able to condition after applying this product (for additional moisture) since it is designed to be a leave in. Thanks for being the test subject. :-)

  2. Also, while trying to find some additional information on this product, I came across this article from the Beauty Brands website which summarized the research paper that KHairPep based their results on.

    The article says "According to their research paper, the testing I just described was done by treating hair fibers with a solution of the oligopeptide-101 at 37C (~100F) for 1 hour. I couldn’t find any reference to how effective the ingredient is when delivered from the final product under normal use conditions."

    This might be something to keep in mind when you're doing your own testing.

  3. Also excited to see your testing it and later review. Has there been any independent scientific tests done apart from the companies own?

  4. I will definitely keep my eyes open for your thoughts after you try this product out. I am excited and cautiously hopeful!

  5. Hey

    I just reread this article and I have to disagree with what they say regarding functional Keratin. I've seen the data regarding functional keratin/replicine and I think they've responded from a competitive standpoint. The molecules actually penetrate the hair, they do not just sit on the surface. Hence why the functional keratin is also being used in medicine to aid skin regeneration. When you look on their main site they talk about all the categories that functional keratin is used for so...mmmnn...I their response is biased. Sorry.I live in the UK so I cant actually buy any of these at the moment!


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