Day in the Life | An afternoon in L.A.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to take a quick trip to L.A.  Since most of the trip was dedicated to work, I only had a few hours to dedicate to exploring the city.  I had to act fact so I reached for my Yelp app and searched for the nearest "boutiques" and found Shopaholic Sample Sales.
Quickly, I made my way over there hoping I'd find something I'd be able to afford.
After perusing the sales floor for a few minutes, I stumbled upon some must have jewelry items and a few potentials for my wardrobe.  My bliss was interrupted by a super friendly sales girl who inquired about whether I was ready to try on my selections.
Once I let her know I was ready, she led me to a "community dressing room"  where several women were trying on clothes.  Never in my life have I tried on clothes in an open room with others so I was taken a back by the experience.  I tried to play it off by acting as if this was a normal occurrence for me.  
After the shopping was done, I once, again asked my trusty Yelp App for  sushi recommendations.  Much to my delight, the was a location nearby that featured black rice sushi!  Ever since I was first introduced black rice, I've been on the lookout for a local restaurant that offered black rice as an option, with no luck.
Luckily for me, Slowfish gave me the chance to have my wish.

I enjoyed two black rice rolls as a perfect ending to a wonderful afternoon.  Having seen black rice sushi with my own eyes, I have the confidence to recreate them at home.  Can't wait to go back.


  1. Your blog always has the loveliest photographs, like you have a personal pap following you around. They really bring everything alive. It's lovely.

    As for the 'community dressing rooms', I was in a little bit of a panic because of the fluorescent lighting (I expect) and my cellulite. But oh, I'm not actually there. Those lovely pictures dazzled me.

  2. hah! "community dressing rooms" i wonder if thats to stop people from stealing...hmmm.... lol

  3. Only in LA can you find a great sushi place that uses black rice! I love black rice, red rice too. If I can find a sushi restaurant that uses brown rice, I'm doing good!

  4. Love the photographs! I need this camera in my life. Community dressing rooms were common place in NYC at discount retailers such as Filene's and Loehmans'. However, the unsolicited comments were annoying.

  5. I've been in community dresseing rooms, I detest them and have sometimes walked out without purchasing:( That black rice sushi looks delicious. Great pics.

  6. Love those fitting rooms, specially when you are shopping alone. You can ask people for honest opinion. Sales people tend to be more eager to sell than to be honset.

    We are all humans, with flaws and assets. Hope there will come a day when women wont worry so much about their flaws, as it is not really anything to worry about at the end of the day. We all have flaws and few people really notice other peoples flaws.


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