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I want to share a story with you.  About two years ago, I was walking around a city park located downtown.  At the time, I was struggling with the lack of progress with my goals and intentions.  It seemed like I was struggling to achieve the things I wanted in my life.  Then suddenly, I was stuck with a thought that changed the course of my life forever.

As my walk was coming to a close, I glanced to my right and saw my dream car, an Audi A6, near a parking meter.  Just ahead of me where a group of school children taking part in an outdoor activity.  One of the chaperone's/teachers was a young lady who embodied some of the qualities I wanted to have.  Her hair was long and healthy, her skin glowed, she was fit.  Within seconds, I was confronted with an image of my dream car and of how I wanted to look and feel.  As you could imagine, I started feeling down on myself because none of it rang true for me.  "Why can't my life be like that?" I started to think as I focused on all the lack in my life.

 Then, as quickly as I focused on what was "wrong," I started to realize my power in the situation.  Suddenly, I asked myself, "what can I do to bring what I want into reality today?"  Meaning, even though I did have the outcome yet, I could still do things today that would make my current reality look more like the one I wanted.

That very day, I went home and went to work.  Immediately, I did everything within my power to make my current environment look like the one I wanted.  I didn't have my dream car and wasn't in the position to buy one at the moment so I asked myself. "What can I do to make it feel like I have a new car?" The answer to that question was to clean and organize the one I was currently driving.  And that I did.  I made sure that every time I stepped into my car, it would make me feel as good if I were stepping into my Audi.  After caring for my current car consistently for weeks, I decided to bring it up a notch by visiting the dealership, taking a test drive, and buying an official Audi keychain.  This was my way of bringing my future Audi into existence today.
My former Ipad lock screen
 I made my Ipad lock screen an image image of a bouquet of flowers sitting on the passenger side of an Audi A8.  In bringing it into reality, I would regularly purchase fresh flowers, place them on my passenger side and rest my Audi keychain in plain view.  I'd take pics of it, trying desperately to recreate my vision in reality.  Over a year later, it became real.

Then, I thought about the vision I held for physical myself and decided to immediately put new habits into practice.  I painted my nails, gave myself a facial, did my hair and made the decision to look my best every day (whether I felt like it or not).  I had one job to do, and that was to make my outer appearance look like the vision I had for myself.  This mission also led me through an intense skincare journey which created results I would never have imagined.  This theory of bringing my desires into reality was also put into practice with my fitness journey.

Lately, I realize that I haven't done this much.  My results were so amazing last year that I allowed myself to lose focus on the process.  Having realized this, I'm ready to get back on track.  My focus, this year, is to paint my life's picture so it's mirrors my vision.  For example, when I looked at inspirational images of beautiful hair, I noticed that most all of them had trimmed, healthy ends.  In reality, my ends needed trimming so I aligned myself by dusting off the parts that didn't appear as it did in my vision.  On my Pinterest, "Dream Home" board, I collect images of ultra modern high end homes.  Again, I am not (currently) at a place where I can purchase a home like those. But I can mimic it in my reality today.  Perhaps I purchase a plant like I see in one of those pics.  Maybe I invest an hour decluttering to recreate the minimalistic look.   Or I could invest in high end candles that make my home smell like a million bucks!  The reason why want to do this is because it creates THE FEELING OF HAVING IT NOW!  I felt just as good when I took those pics of flowers sitting in the passenger seat of my 1997 Toyota as I did when I re-enacted that picture with my real Audi.  They say that "feeling as though you already have it" is crucial in evoking the Law of Attraction. For me, creating those feelings from a simple visualization is a little difficult. Visualization may work well for some, but I struggle sometimes.  So I do this technique as a bridge to join what I want with the current reality. Vision Boards are great tools but I see this process as bringing it one step closer to making it real. This method of bringing it into existence works like a charm.

 I also practice another version of this method that I will discuss in a post next week.

Have you ever tried something like this?  Please share.


  1. OMG! I so needed this! I'm stuck right now and I've been feeling there's nothing I can do to get out of this rut. I'm going to implement this. Oh and the really funny thing is that my dream car is also an Audi. You wrote this article thinking of me? LOL

  2. @ Amija! Glad you connected with my message. I hope you get exactly what you want this year. (and yes, I did write this for you)

  3. The universe has a way of getting your attention. I need this today. My life as I know it in this moment is nothing like what I imagined. However, I know that I can also change my tomorrow. I am ready to live the life I want.

  4. OMG, I decided to do the exact same thing. My dream car is the TT, ever since I saw it I have been obsessed. This year I went to a dealership looked at it, touched it, sat in it (got a couple of photos ;) which now serve as my lock screen. This was my way of bringing it into my life and I firmly believe it'll be mine. I am an avid blog stalker and wanted to say this post spoke to me.

  5. I'm right there with you Nadege! I've been visualizing my dream car, job and home. They have not come into fruition yet, but I see it and I believe it!!

  6. Love your blog and motivation Monday posts. I've used intention/law of attraction for many things. The last was when my boyfriend and I were house hunting. I'm on vacation this week and this post has come at a perfect time. I'm going to spend the time updating my neglected vision board and refocus on visualizing the life that I want.

    Thank you!

  7. This post is awesome. This is what I need in my life I actually did a post like this but on dressing. You can check it if you like -

    it was about physically dressing the way you feel to envision a better you. this post is so motivating.
    love love love

    lol on the photoshop pic that made me laugh. =) great post.

  8. You've won me over with this one! I definitely have. I was accepted into medical school in May, and the journey was long for sure. I only applied to one school, my first choice, and I surrounded myself with it. Water bottle on my dresser, the school's keychain, hung their tote bag and a stethoscope on my door, computer password...they all reflected my acceptance, I waited for months and didn't see it physically but I decided in my spirit that's where I was going by God's grace and direction to that place. In my spirit I refused to accept anything less then my acceptance, a seat with my name on it. and praise God, I start in August! Faith comes by hearing, and your story gives me additional confirmation and motivation to continue on this path. I'm about to apply these same principles with my hair and several other things and continue doing so in the future because it works.

    And I have to link to your post in the future, b/c you are another great example of this and your examples are too good not to share.

    Ele @


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