Monday Motivation | Building the Ark

In last Monday's post, we discussed brining your desires into existence.  Basically, this is the idea of making your current reality look as close to the one you want as possible.  This means taking small, consistent steps to bring what you want into your current experience.  This isn't a one time thing but an ongoing process.  I forgot to mention one thing last week.  When you are engaging in this process, it should be fun!  Challenge yourself to be as creative as possible and celebrate every time do you something that moves you towards your goals.

Today I want to talk about another method I use that's somewhat similar to my "reality creation technique."   I call this other technique "building the ark."  I've talked about this before but today I will go a little more in depth into the process.  The idea is inspired by Noah's Ark.  God told Noah that the flood waters would come and to build the ark to prepare for the in coming disaster.  Although there were no signs of flooding present, Noah was faithful and built the ark based on God's promises.  Building the ark was an act of faith because he believed the floodwaters would come despite the current reality.
I use this technique whenever I feel a drought or stagnancy with regards to my goals.  Basically, it's the process of taking bold action in preparation for the outcomes you want to experience.

Let me give you a few real life examples of how I practice this.

  • For a long time, I held the intention of having a job where I could work from home.  I visualized, I held the intention, I did everything possible to attract the possibility into my life.  Finally, the day came when I had the opportunity to interview for a role that aligned with my intention.  The interview process was long.  Weeks went by before I heard anything. I knew they were interviewing other candidates so I decided to take an action as an act of faith of what was to come.  I invested a weekend, remodeling my spare bedroom turning it into a home office.  After weeks of silence, they called me days later with the job offer!
  • Once there was a time period when sales of Gleau declined.  I wondered if I needed to shut everything down because never had I gone so long with so few sales.  But instead of closing the doors, I decided to "build the ark" and prepare for new orders by purchasing even larger quantities of raw materials.  I ordered thousands of empty bottles and enough product to last for a year.  Guess what happened next? Suddenly, orders came pouring in from all different directions.  
  • I talked about my intention to have an Audi in my last post.  I asked myself "how can I build the ark" to prepare for my vehicle to come into my life?  That moment, I opened a second savings account with the specific intention of saving for the vehicle.  Less than a year later, the vehicle was mine.  Even though I didn't save a ton of money in the account, I believe the simple act of preparing for it in reality made it all possible. 
I'm not sure what happens, it's like God is waiting for me to move so he can open up new possibilities for me.  Every act of faith is met with results I desire. Our natural tendency is to stay within a comfort zone which creates more of the same so I constantly have to ask myself, these two questions:

What is my goal?  How can I step out in faith and do something to prepare and show that I'm ready for it?

With this technique, I find that the bolder the action, the better.  Remember the law of physics that says "every action has an equal and opposite reaction?" I read on site that this law means that "if you push on something, it pushes back on you."  When I push in a direction towards what I want, I get a reaction that is equal (or greater).  So I constantly force myself to take big steps towards my goals hoping that it's stepping towards me at the exact same time.   


  1. Lovely post!! Just what I needed today. God bless

  2. Another great and inspiring post. Thanks! I am especially happy to read this today, after recently reading a blog elsewhere about people using God as an excuse to not move forward towards their goals.

  3. I use this technique all the time and find it has great impact, one of your earlier posts reminded me of this and I love it.

    I'm using it currently while we look for a renter for one of our homes. I refer to the house as a home for a new family, we have put a lot of time prepping the home and garden for the new family even though we have yet to identify the new family. I say this mantra multiple times a day "May this home be a blessing for the new family, as it was for the old family".


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