Beauty Secrets of a 50 year old Super Model Unicorn

Years ago, I stumbled upon a video interview of Elle McPhearson and, at one point, the host made mention of Elle's age.  In her late 40s at the time, I could barely believe my eyes.  It seemed like Elle was easily defying the aging process.  Silently, I wondered about her health and beauty regimen but couldn't find much info at the time.  A year or so later, I saw an image of her with her husband who is 5 years her junior but appears older than her.   That's when I knew that she does something special to appear so youthful.

Well, we finally got a glimpse of what she attributes to her good health and wellness. In a recent Instagram photo, she flaunted her bikini body with the caption "Super greens...After a super swim."  That simple pic sent waves across the internet as people scrambled to find out what was in her cup.  Turns out she was sipping on Super Elixir.  

Super Elixer is a blend of 45 key ingredients including super greens, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes etc. that help keep your the body at a desired alkaline range. The Elixir also contains omega 3s, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  The product sells for a bit more than your typical bottle of super greens powder. It's likely due to the high end designer packaging and celebrity endorsement (by Elle herself).  

Perhaps these greens has preserved Elle's beauty for all of these years.  Perhaps not.  But one lesson we can all take away from her is how important it is to keep our bodies in an alkaline state.  The pH of our body is the environment where each of our cells function.  If the environment isn't healthy, then our cells can not thrive.  Without healthy cells, we are not healthy.   Throughout any given week, I'm probably eating lots of fried foods, staying up late, and dealing with loads of stress.  All factors which directly contribute to creating acid in my body.  If I don't take action to counteract the acidity, things go down hill.  For this reason alone, I recommit to doing something daily to promote an alkaline body.  

We've talked about drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning as a way to detoxify and balance our pH.  Since I travel pretty much every week, having access to fresh lemons while on the road, is a task.  Powdered greens seems like a viable option.  A few months back I picked up some single serving packets of Green Vibrance but couldn't get used to the taste.  I decided to purchase a packet of The Super Elixir hoping the high price will motivate me to drink it regardless of what it taste like.  

Aside from the greens. Elle's other beauty secrets include drinking 3 liters of water a day. In one interview, she shares that she has six 500ml bottles that she makes sure are gone before the end of the day.  Elle also recommends 45 minutes of movement on a daily basis and getting plenty of sleep.  One thing that adds to her youthful look is her amazing head of hair.  She thanks her greens and water intake for helping to keep her hair healthy.  Lastly, another beauty tip Elle shares is to exfoliate daily.  She uses an exfoliating glove to "scrub her body quite strongly every day" and, just like Chilli, scrubs (exfoliates) her face on a regular basis.  I love being inspired by women who are constantly defying  stereotypes about what beauty looks like at 30, 40, 50 and beyond. 


  1. I went to my family reunion about a month ago and got 4 compliments on 'how beautiful my hair is'. I also received one compliment on my skin being beautiful. She said, "why is your skin so pretty this morning?" I was about to tell one person what it was but she quickly announced that I have always had beautiful hair, which is not true. About a year ago this August, I started blending smoothies. I drink 5 smoothies a week. I throw everything in, fruit and vegetables, whatever I have. I even grow some vegetables in my backyard for my smoothies. I also have added healthy fats from avocados and fish, about 2 or 3 times a week. I also increased my water intake.

  2. Thanks for this post Nadege. Going to place an order for one of these super foods!

  3. I absolutely love Amazing Grass powdered wheat grass. I drink it every morning with water. I recently started to add 1 tsp maca powder to it and I may start adding collagen powder (thanks to your posts about it) to it after I finish the bottle of pills. Keep the healthy posts coming Nadege! Can't wait to hear what you think of Elle's concoction.

  4. I really trust your opinion, I'm curious about the Super Elixir. Elle is fascinating!

  5. I drink wheatgrass and other vegan green powders and I love the taste!


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