IV Vitamin Infusion & why celebrities love this treatment.

I have this reoccurring fantasy where I live a life consisting of regular pamper treatments such as weekly massages and regular visit to my skin care practitioner to receive oxygen facials.  Well now I'm adding one more treatment to the list.  The IV Vitamin Infusion.

You may have heard me talk about how I prefer to take my supplements in liquid form whenever possible because little to no digestion is involved which allows the nutrients to better enter the blood stream. Well, the IV Infusion is the definition of nutrients entering the bloodstream.  The solution is delivered intravenously through the vein ensuring 100% absorption by the body. 100% absorption.
@Iamjesswhite | Shares her experiences with IV Infusion via her instagram
I first became hip to this technique via instagram when @iamjesswhite shared a couple of pics of herself receiving the treatment.  Then I learned of other celebrities like Simon Cowell, Madonna, Cindy Crawford and Rihanna who also enjoy this treatment.

The most common concoction helps to rehydrate the body but fancier blends have been developed to help stimulate weight loss, promote anti-aging, boost energy + immune functions. There are even formulations for great hair, skin and nails.  I would have loved to experience one of these after a long week of extensive travel and not so healthy eating.  I've been told by coworkers that I look visibly tired after enduring unusually long work days.  Imagine how quickly I'd recover from stressful weeks with just one IV Vitamin appointment.

I want badly to try a hair, skin and nail blend for multiple sessions to see what the long term results are like. The treatment ranges in price depending on the formula, starting at just over $100.00 and can climb up to several hundred depending on the blend you choose.

If you're not quite ready to take the plunge yet on IV treatments, you can opt for a nutrient dense smoothie.  But smoothies contain fiber and require the help of stomach acids to digest.  Not that fiber is bad but sometimes we just want direct access to the nutrients.  That's why juicing may be a better option.  Other nutrient dense liquids like silica rich bamboo tea, mineral rich, or other liquid vitamins are also a great choice.

I'm putting IV Vitamin Infusion on my bucket list to enjoy sometime in the future.  For now, I'll continue indulge in my fantasy life where bi-weekly vitamin infusions are a normal part of my make believe pampering routine.


  1. Interesting, but being hooked up to an IV is never actually fun. I'd want to see the effects on people who aren't models or already deemed beautiful. That's just me haha.

    1. Agree! I remember Geri Halliwell did somethibg similar in the 90's. Id prefere a nutritious healthy meal and an early night if i need to unwind.


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