4 Ways to Create a More Abundant Environment Now.

Besides work, the place we spend most of our time is at home.  Typically, the environment at work pulls from our energy.  Therefore, our home should be a place that pours energy back to us.  We already know the power of presenting the best version of ourself on a daily basis.  But what about the power of being surrounded in a beautiful and uplifting environment at all times?

I love the feeling of walking into a luxury hotel lobby of walking down the streets of a high end community.  There's just something about those spaces that have the ability to impact us.  What if we were to take elements of that and bring it into our current space?  Could a few small simple changes cause us shift our mood and energy to new levels?

Let's find out by incorporating these "abundance elements" into our current environment.
 Bring life into your environment by adding live plants & fresh flowers.  I heard someone say that being close to nature raises our vibration.  The absolute best way to do that is spend time outside.
But it's also important to bring elements of the outside, in.

 Sure, many of us have silk plants and flowers scattered around the home, but silk plants collect dust and are an merely a replica of the real thing.  I love reading about women who purchase fresh flowers every Sunday to begin the new week.  There's something magical about identifying which flowers will bring the most beauty and elegance to your space.  Since it's Sunday, why not treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and put it in a prominent place in your home.
 Is there anything that transforms the environment more than ambiance. Candles bring a warmth to your space the really makes it feel like home.  It also mellows the environment, which is great if you want to manage your stress levels.  Couple the lighting with your favorite scents and you can alter your environment in no time.  I adore these 7 hour tea lights.  I light them at the start of my work day and place 'em in fragrance oil burner that spread my favorite scents throughout the house.  I experience a totally different day when I take the time to do this ritual vs. when I don't set the ambiance for my home. Sometimes I'll play meditation music in the background while I work.  This reminds me of being in an ultra relaxing spa. It also keeps my mind focus as if I'm operating in a meditative state. Whatever makes you feel good and about your space, do it.
One area that I need to work on is clearing of surfaces and creating space.  Clutter is the #1 ruiner of the environment.  It's like blockage that stops our flow.  Remember in Limitless, when  the lead character took the "limitless potential pill?"  The very first thing he did was clean and declutter his environment.  When you clear out your space, you allow ideas to flow.  Steve Jobs required his office space to be free of excess clutter and had everything painted white.

If you study the habits of various wealthy people, many of them maintain immaculately clean living spaces.  They seem to have an eye for detail that extends into their outward environment.  I remember attending a morning yoga session at the corporate office of my past company. The CEO happened to slip in after the session was completed and everyone was mingling.  At first he was being his social self and interacting with the cheery people in the room.  Then he caught a glimpse of the haphazardly folded yoga blankets and requested that we pay attention to how we do everything in life (including how we fold).  His attention detail created a culture that lead to the formation of a billion dollar company.  Often, in his interactions with employees, he'd discuss the cleanliness of their vehicles or talk about how important it is to organize our closets.

Cleanliness and organization are abundance habits.    Let's cultivate the habit of order.  This habit causes us to pay attention to details and raise our level of discipline.

Let's clear visible spaces (table tops/counters).  No longer will we use counter space for storage but only to display items that we'll use on a frequent basis.  Let's constantly create space by decluttering regularly. Let's allow new things to flow in & out of our lives (stop hoarding) and let's experience the feeling of abundance that one has from surrounding yourself with less.
Another feature that you'll find in most abundant environments is now everything is place with a purpose.  There seems to be such order and thought behind every piece of furniture.  And you feel amazing every time you walk into the room.  Take a look around your space. Do you have random things hanging out in random places?  Is everything that surrounds you purposeful?  If not, then it's time to release it.  Every non-useful item in your space drains you of energy.  You have no idea what to do with it, so you do nothing and hope that it blends into the background.  The problem with this logic is that it's like an open window running on your laptop. It's stealing some your power and slowing everything down.

Any time I organize a small area in the room, my eyes tend to gravitate to it whenever I enter.  It's magnetic.  And by simply taking it in, I instantly feel better.  Imagine how that would feel if I invested the time to do the entire home?  Actually, that's what I'm in the process of doing.  I hope to have a major part of the decluttering done by fall (or sooner).  Clutter represents disorder. We don't want disorder surrounding us when we're trying to create something new and powerful in our lives.  Let's make an abundant environment a priority.

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