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I placed a small online order of a few clothing pieces. Two of the four items I purchased was in grey.  Why?  Because I'm realizing how easy to style the color grey is.  It's like the casual version of black.  Grey serves as the perfect back drop to your colorful accessories.  Unlike black, grey, has a casual "daytime" feel that can be dressed up with heels and a statement bag.  I'm also loving the fact that grey can easily transition from summer to fall.  
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It stays pretty hot most of the year where I live so I don't get the chance to really rock my outer wear like I want.  Sometimes I'll grab a lightweight jacket in the morning and have to remove by afternoon as the temperature climbs.  Let's not forget those days when it's too hot to wear a jacket but you still want to layer pieces and elevate your look.  The solution to all of our problems is in the sleeveless jacket which Laura Govan is wearing flawlessly.  Her military vest/jacket really makes the look.

Now I'm obsessed with acquiring sleeveless versions of my favorite jackets.  This may require some tailoring but I'm open to the idea of altering an old coat if necessary.   Last year, I picked a denim vest after being inspired by this look and I wore it almost daily.  Now I'm on a mission to add a few more vests to my collection.
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The only print I'm attracted to lately has been tribal inspired looks.  If I could own an entire closet of tribal print dresses, I'd be elated.  I'm slowly making my way there since I picked up two print dresses over the summer.  They make me feel so regal whenever I wear them which is why I'm getting a few more.

If Diddy were to call you and invite you to a white party he's having this weekend, would you be ready?  No, but seriously, in every closet there should be at least one standout all white outfit.  It could be perfectly tailored white slacks or an impeccable white skirt.  Whatever you decide.  A white outfit, when done right, looks so clean, expensive, and minimal.  It also causes you to behave differently 'cause you're now tasked with the responsibility of keeping your look flawless your entire night out.
head wrap
Keeping your hair perfect in this summer heat can be darn near impossible.  Sometimes it's easier to accessorize with a gorgeous statement head wrap and keep it moving.  Head wraps are perfect for accentuating your look.  I love how she paired with a multicolored wrap with playful sunnies and cute earrings.  Last summer I  wore different head wraps for about a week and totally felt like a different person.  It saved time, protected my hair from the harmful summer sun, and garnered a few compliments in the process.  It was just the change I needed. It's definitely time to rock this again.

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  1. Love these kinds of posts! Sometimes you need to break your inspiration down to week by week. I'm really feeling grey jersey especially in these bodycon midi dress styles and sleevless jackets are amazing!
    Martha xo


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