What to drink to be effortlessly flawless.


We're starting a new series on the art being Effortlessly Flawless.  By being effortlessly flawless, I do not mean that you do nothing and look great.  On the contrary, flawlessness without effort means making a habit doing of the things that make you beautiful and fierce so it doesn't seem like work.  The quote "if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready" is perfect for this topic.

Too often I find myself having "to get ready." Meaning, I have to take massive action to clear my skin, get fit, or whatever, because I've allowed my situation to slip.  Instead of having to constantly play catch up, I want to live in a state of consistent readiness.  And I know this takes work.  When I drive by an immaculate luxury home, it looks effortlessly beautiful.  But I understand that lots of time and money has been invested to create those results.  Same concept can be applied to women we see who look naturally flawless.  If I were a betting man, I'd say that she invests adequate time and effort into looking her best.

So let's be effortlessly flawless, shall we?  To make it an easy transition, we'll start with the basics.  We'll focus our energy on the simplest actions that create the greatest return for our investment.  To me, the first place to start on the journey to flawlessness is hydration.  We've talked about the importance of drinking 3 liters of water or more a day on a number of occasions.   To remind you of why it's worth it to drink up, here's a short list of what drinking water will do for you.

//Skin Benefits// Water is an internal cleanser that creates flawless glowing skin.  When we went hard on our Drink Your Water Challenge, many of you shared your testimony of how your skin transformed, in a short time, from upping your water intake.

//Hair Benefits// Your dry itchy scalp could be a result of dehydration. Drinking enough water allows your scalp to be nourished which promotes healthy hair.  Women who've upped their water intake claim to experience more moisturized hair.  Drinking more water might have a positive impact on hair growth as water effectively delivers nutrition to the hair follicle.

//Body Benefits// Drinking adequate water can prevent over eating which can help you manage your weight. It lubricates your joints, gives you energy and provided nutrition to your cells.

So yeah...drink your water.  Without hydration, you are faking your flawlessness.  Drink water like nothing else matters.
Once you have your water drinking in check, it's time to graduate to other flawless promoting beverages.

What's better than water?  Vitamin C infused water the ability to balance the pH levels in your system.   Lemon water is so wonderful that you should be treating your body to it at least once a day. We all know that lemon water first thing in the morning is a powerful cleanser but it's also great to sip on during the day.   Eating out? Order a water with lemon.  Enjoying a lazy weekend at home? whip up a large batch of infused water to rejuvenate after a long week.   Just finished a workout, drink up some lemon water to help combat inflammation & alkalize your system. Lemon water is a flawless creating beverage.  Drink lots of it.

I'm a huge fan of foods/drinks that boost circulation.  My theory is that great circulation is a key to eternal youth.  Internal circulation is highest when we're young and slows dramatically as we age. One supplement circulation boosting supplement that I adore is cayenne pepper.  But sometimes I forget to take it so I'll be experimenting with ginger infused water or freshly juiced ginger on a daily basis as an alternative.

Another great after workout drink is [unsweetened] coconut water.  It's a phenomenal ally in fighting dehydration.  I read online that our metabolism slows when we're dehydrated (which is another reason to drink up).  Coconut water hydrates like no other. Because coco-water is filled with electrolytes, it replenishes the body at a higher level.  Whenever I have a day or two of low water intake, I like to sip on coconut water to bring things back into balance.

And, of course, there is the infamous bamboo tea.  Whenever my nails start to look ragged and feel weak, I know what I need to do.  A cup or two a day for a couple of weeks and I'm back to filing them down again.  Not only that, I love what silica does to my new growth.  Whenever I take silica on a regular basis, my new growth feels looser and a bit healthier.  It's good stuff.  Not to mention that my lashes look the best they've ever had.  Bamboo tea is truly a flawless creating beverage.  And the results do seem to come pretty effortlessly.

Ladies, let us go forth and be flawless.  Every single one of us will be drinking beverages anyway so why not choose to consume that which makes us fabulous.  Drink up and be flawless.

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  1. I need to stop being so lazy and make the lemon water. I have a citrus juicer (its made by cuisinart), and I love it. Its for lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit.

    Another flawless concoction is water + ACV+ aloe vera juice. I got that recipe from global healing center, they call it the "colon cleansing cocktail". But we all know the benefits of both acv and aloe juice, so I drink it regularly (plus its easy to make). here's the page on their website with the recipe. I am in no way affiliated with them, I'm just sharing another effortly flawless beverage. http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/colon-cleanse-kit.html#instructions


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