Here's how to upgrade water in your L.O.C. moisture routine

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Hopefully by now, all of you ladies are fully utilizing the L.C.O (liquid, cream, oil) method of moisturizing.  For those of you who aren't familiar with L.C.O., it's like Korean skin care layering, but for the hair.  Basically, our goal is to maximize the amount of moisture on the hair by first applying a liquid then a creamy moisturizer and wrapping it up with a lightweight oil (or liquid, oil, cream).

Sounds good, right?  But what if we could tweak the formula to make to make it even better?  The first step in the L.O.C. formula involves a liquid.  When I first introduced this method, my hair was insanely dry so water was my first choice.  I figured that my hair would just drink up the moisture in preparation for my favorite moisturizer  and oil.  Water is good but it also has its downside.  Sometimes, too much water has an opposite effect of what we want. Meaning water can open cuticle layer causing frizz and rough, unsexy hair.

The moisturizer can help remedy some of this but, too be honest, it too might have a high water content and may not be powerful enough to actually change the condition of the hair.  The solution to this is to utilize a powerful water-substitute.  Let's discuss options.

If you'd like to graduate hydrating and desire to actually condition the hair, may I suggest you try substituting water with your favorite light weight leave-in conditioner.  One option I'm loving is Phillip Kingsley's Daily Damage Defense Conditioning Spay.  It's really light.  Like water, but better.  Another benefit of Kingsley's daily defense is that it doesn't build up.  Other options I also like include Biolage's Daily Leave-in Tonic for greater conditioning or Tiger Grund's Protein Recontructor if I need to fortify my hair with a little protein.  All three are great choices and give my hair a little more support than water alone.

Lately, my hair has been pretty rebellious.   I'm enduring a long stretch and my hair was feeling rough and tangled easily.  After a little bit of thought the answer came to me in a flash "I NEED TO SEAL MY CUTICLE LAYER!"  Next I wondered if I had enough time to head to the alkaline water store to grab a bottle of acidic water.  But then I looked down and saw the coconut vinegar staring back at me.  "Of course!" Coconut vinegar is acidic and, when mixed with water, could lower the pH thereby creating sleeker strands.  After mixing some water and coconut vinegar in an aluminum sprayer, I misted my hair, layered moisturizer & Gleau Argan oil then tied a silk scarf to seal in all the goodness.  Minutes later,  I removed the scarf to reveal soft, smooth hair.  Those massive tangles melted away. Perfecto!

Other options to boost your L.C.O routines is to start of with a watery moisturizer like Kinky Curly Knot Today, then layer with a thicker moisturizer and finish off with oil.  Or use healthy hair faves  already in liquid form like aloe vera juice, which also has a low pH for sealed, happy cuticles.  I still believe that water is a powerful moisturizer so perhaps you might even considering experimenting with water--leave-in--cream--oil  (W.L.C.O) and see how your hair responds.

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