A short list of some new items I'm currently loving.
I'm one of those people who will sometimes get themselves something for their birthday.  I celebrated this year by treating myself to yet another handbag.  After being captured by the beauty of this black caviar YSL clutch w/black hardware (also w/black chain - not shown), I knew I'd be taking it home.  I think I'm gonna go back into handbag retirement.  No wait,  there's only one other handbag that needs to come off my list before I put myself on lock down again.  If I reach my 4th quarter goals, I'd love to grab the larger version of the Balenciaga City Bag.   The Balenciaga City is my every day bag and I'd love to have the larger version to carry my laptop and, planner and other work related stuff when I'm on the go.  

Also pictured above is my new favorite pink lip liner. NARS' Rikugien.  It's the only pink shade that works on my two toned lips.  Plus it's a satin finish so it feels hydrating. This means that I don't have to pair it with gloss.  I received it as part of a birthday gift package at Sephora and loved it so much that I purchased a full size.  I highly recommend this shade if you want to add the perfect pink to your collection. 
Fall will soon be upon us. I absolutely hate cold weather but I'll bear it in exchange for the chance to wear cute jackets again.  There's already another "leather" jacket in my closet but it doesn't really get that cold here and I wanted a lighter weight one to wear on cool days.  I grabbed this one at Express.  If you're petite like me and have a hard time finding fitted leather jackets, I suggest you give this one a try. Oh, there's also one with quilted sleeves on sale.
I woke up one day and was like "I want some platform shoes." But not like 70's platform shoes. I wanted platform with a modern silhouette. Back when platform shoes where in style, I was a really happy girl.  Platforms give tiny gils like us some height without having to sacrifice comfort.  After putting the thought vibes out there, I walk into a boutique, find these black laser cut DVS black platforms and purchased immediately.   They're beyond comfortable and make a great statement.
I was inspired by Beyonce's make up artist who recommended eye cream as an all over moisturizer. So I picked up StiVectin-SD's Intensive Eye Concentrate for wrinkles.  I love the tube packaging.  I just squeeze a little on the back of my hand and apply on my face.  So far, I love the product. It's a nice, rich consistency which will be even more perfect as the air gets a bit dryer.  And my skin looks pretty good after only a couple days use.  Thinking about picking up another tube.
Another birthday addition.  The Louis Vuitton key pouch is probably my favorite acquisition.  Before the key pouch came into my life, I would walk around the house asking "have you seen my keys?"  'Cause I carry large bags, I'd have a hard time finding my keys at the bottom of the bag. It's been over a month and that problem no longer exists.  This accessory is super useful.  I can carry money, Iphone earbuds, and Iphone charger cable, hair pins and my I.D. with ease.   If I wanted to, I could use it as a mini makeup pouch to throw in a clutch bag.  I get so much use out this thing. Totally worth the investment.

Last year I swore off using lotions after discovering Johson's Baby Oil gel, Capriclear Coconut Oil Spray and Palmer's Coco Butter Oil.  But yesterday, someone recommended I try Aveda's Stress Fix Body Creme. Before I had a chance to decline, she placed a little in the palm of my hand.  As soon as I rubbed my hands together, I was sold. I immediately wanted a travel size to have in my handbag at all times. It's so luxurious and effective.  Not only does it hydrate extremely well, it soothes and softens.  She told me that I can also try putting some on my feet at night and covering them with socks as an overnight treatment.  Can't wait to test it out.

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