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That's it.  I've neglected my hair journey long enough.  It's time to kick it into high gear so I can make up for lost time before 2016 comes along.  A reader asked me a great question via email that really got me thinking.  She inquired about the products/technique(s) that I've learned over the years which have been the most successful.

Looking back, I really enjoyed the time when I was eating for beauty benefits.  I purposefully started off each day with highly nutritious foods (or drinks) that had a wonderful impact on my hair and skin.  I've veered way off the path and I'm now making an effort to return.  Breakfast is the perfect place to start because it's easy to carve out a routine.  So, I'm going back to my roots with the intention of making it a part of a daily routine.
  First I start with the main course which consists of organic oatmeal.  Oatmeal is great because I can load it with nutritional extras.  My go-to addition is black strap molasses.  Black strap molasses (BSM) is loaded with trace mineral such as copper, iron, magnesium, selenium, & B6.  Many boast of how BSM was able to help reverse their grey hairs back to it's natural color.  I have more grey hairs than I'm comfortable with so I hope to experience wonderful results in that area as well.  Along with molasses, I make sure that my oatmeal contains flax seeds for omega 3s and fiber.   This is just a start, I plan on loading up my oatmeal with other goodies once I get into the swing of things.
Prior to enjoying my meal, I'll probably kick things off with a cup of warm lemon water paired with collagen supplements.  When I first introduced collagen into my diet, I noticed an immediate difference, so I know it works.  With every year that passes, our collagen production reduces.  We can't stand idly by and allow that to happen.  In order to complete the collagen triad, I pair lemon water (vitamin C) and silica from Beautifully Bamboo tea.   Collagen, silica and vitamin C are thee best of friends. You need all three to stimulate collagen production.  Combining all three is a very smart move if you want to nourish your skin from within.  And let's not forget how wonderful bamboo tea is for hair growth and fabulous nails.

Next to the collagen supplements is a dose of ultra concentrated fermented cod liver oil (FCLO).  If you're asking yourself, "what on earth is fermented cod liver oil," then please check these posts out.  FCLO is a game changer.  Then I remembered that I still had a small stash of chlorella supplements and tossed them into the mix.   I'll keep fruit as a mid morning snack and sip on tea and lemon water throughout the day.

It's a start, but I'm really happy with where I'm at so far.  There's no doubt that if this becomes a regular part of my morning, the results will be amazing.  I'll keep experimenting with adding a protein source and maybe a few other amazing supplements.

 And to think that I used to skip breakfast.


  1. I also eat blackstrap molasses on my oatmeal for iron and also the copper. Turnip greens and beet greens also contain a lot of cooper that keeps the hair black. Kale has some copper but not as much as turnip greens and beet greens. I mix some turnip/beet greens in my smoothies. Raw cashew nuts contain about 98% of our daily needs for copper (I can't remember how many servings off-hand). Copper is needed for melanin. Almonds contain some copper but peanut butter has very little. Spinach is the still the best green for iron, so I buy a variety of greens.

  2. Good for you!! What a great start to the day!! My superfoods are chia seeds, maca powder for energy and hormone balance, coconut oil, and pastured eggs. I also use Great Lakes gelatin powder (the green can) in my smoothies for better skin and hair, and also in soups (red canister). Amazing stuff!

  3. Has anyone here tried Huebner Original Silica Gel? It's a very good (and clean) supplement!

  4. I commented on September tenth. I forgot to say that I use to eat beef liver for iron because it is said to have so much iron and I also use to take cod liver oil for omega three. But I stopped consuming both. I learned that the liver of an animal is where the toxins are sorted and I worried that it could possibly be the source of my breakouts (along with too much sugar). So now, I just eat canned sardines or herring (wild,boneless or in olive oil)for omega 3 (or some other kind of fish like wild salmon canned)usually in the evening 2 to 4 times a week. My breakouts aren't as bad anymore since my diet has changed. My breakouts use to be all over my face, now they are occasional here or there.

  5. Hi Anon,
    It seems like you definitely have some healthy habits in place. Were you eating grass fed beef liver? I've been enjoying it without any negative side effects.


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