Style School | The Giant Two Strand Braid + How to do it.

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As part of my commitment to always looking polished, I've decided to seek out simple, easy to maintain, hair journey friendly hairstyles to keep in my repertoire. Today I present to you on such example.  The Jumbo Two Strand Twist, or Flat Twist.

Maybe it's just me, but I find this style a bit more soft and feminine than jumbo braids (which I also love).  And, for some who can't braid, this style makes a great alternative.  Since this is a "style school" post. Let's learn who to create this fabulous look.

First, let's be brilliant at the basics.  This short 2 minute tutorial teaches the absolute fundamentals of how to create a simple twist.  What I appreciate about the technique is how he twists the hair to help keep it from quickly unraveling. If you have thick, coarse hair, you may not need to add the extra twist. But if your hair is bone straight, this may help your twist last a little longer.

The tutorial below is a little bit intricate but might be helpful for some of you who are looking to recreate this style and would like to add a little help to achieve additional volume.  Youtuber JuicesandBerries shows us how.  I love how she gets a little fancy with the positioning of the twist.

"But Nadege, I just did a big chop and I want to try this look.  How can I do it on short hair?"  No worries darlin' I got you.  Check out this tutorial from Cynthykay who created the perfect faux goddess braid.

Not only is the goddess braid super cute but it also makes for a wonderful protective style.  Go try it out and see which version you like best.

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