5 Hairstyles I can't wait to Rock this Fall

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Before bed last night, I contemplated whether I would take the ultimate risk.  The next morning I was attending a meeting were Val and I would craft our 90 day plan for the remainder of 2015.  There I stood in front of my dresser with a small stack of flexi rods in front of me.  After months of battling 100% humidity, I longed desperately to wear my hair in large fluffy spiral curls.  But any attempts in the recent past failed miserably.

Fall is here.  And the only redeeming quality of this time of year, is the opportunity to wear braid outs, waves, curls without fear of frizz robbing us of our hard work.  This morning, as I released the my hair from the flexi-rods, I prayed silently that the curls would endure the 3 block walk from the car to my meeting place.  The mid-day sun above made me almost wish that I had chosen a much safer hair style.  I'd hate to regret my decision.  I walked briskly and comfortably in my black wedges while touching my hair to check on the status of the curls.  It wasn't long before I broke a mild sweat.  Wearing all black wasn't such a good idea.  Before I knew it, I arrived at the intended destination and immediately darted to the restroom to attend to my fragile curls.

Much to my surprise, they remained perfectly in tact.  I was very pleased.  More importantly, I took this as a sign that it was ok to experiment with other curly dos again.  When I got home, I visited Pinterest for inspiration and compiled a few looks to get me and ready for fall.

I love the idea of wearing large, relaxed waves.  If this were summer, a style like this one might last a full 5 seconds before any evidence of the wave evaporated. But, with lower humidity on the horizon, this style might be very doable.  To recreate this look, I' start with straightened hair then create a couple large bantu knots, take them down, then call it a day.  
There's nothing like the feeling of playing with voluminous curls after a roller set take down.  Unfortunately, that feeling doesn't last too long.  Typically, my hair immediately drinks up the moisture in the air, causing my curls to poof up beyond recognition.  But, very soon, I'll have the chance to sport wash day jumbo curls again.  Can't wait.  
For the past few months, my braid outs, twist outs, etc, have performed far beyond their potential.  Frizz destroyed the defined waves and, worse yet, the crazy humidity raised my cuticle layer, causing random tangles.  Finally, I had to make the executive decision to rule out wearing 'em until further notice.  Fall, for me, means that my braids outs will make it through the day.  Hoping to lift the ban on braid outs very, very soon.  
I'm happy to announce that my flexi rod set has lasted an entire day.  That's without the help of any styling products.  This gives me so much hope for the months ahead.  
I rarely ever wear my hair straight anymore.  Truth be told, I have a hard time getting it really straight. In the past, my lightly straightened hair would quickly transform to a poofy mess. But, I think fall will allow me the chance to wear voluminous straight hair all day long (one can only hope).


  1. I wish I had enough hair to do this with, you rock all those styles. Sadly my hair is really thin and straight which sucks! Have fun with the curls tho :)

  2. Can't wait to see you rock these styles.

  3. Yes! I love loose waves and big hair, summer and the humidity can make hair so boring. Thanks for posting!


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