Monday Motivation | Easing out of our Comfort Zone (PODCAST)

Good morning!  This Monday I decided to try something a little different.  Instead of reading the Monday Motivation post, I'd like you to listen to it.  Yes.  I've recorded my first ever podcast on a whim.  This is part of my journey to always moving towards the edge of my comfort zone.

Because it's my first ever recording, there's a little bit of background noise.  I'll upgrade my equipment if I continue to make podcasts in the future.  The session is almost 30 minutes. Hopefully many of you are off today and might have time to hear the entire track.

Let me know what you think.


  1. I'm sorry but I don't have any critiques right now but I would like to thank you. I've been following for a while and these blog posts have kept me motivated throughout this very rough year. My 23rd birthday is tomorrow and I think this was meant for me to hear. I have trouble with the whole pod cast and audiobook category because I've never really given it a try before now. I've always shyed away from it but today I took the plunge , not expecting much and just relaxing trying something new before another birthday comes and I look back and am disappointed - these words were not something I needed to read because I read these all the time I needed to HEAR it and I didn't even realize how powerful a medium like this could be - I hear your words echoing and I'm smiling because even now a full 8hrs have past and the message is still with me in your voice -not my own voice and that has helped me get out of my own head which is one of my biggest challenges to over come but thank you I look forward to your future pods and endeavors - TAI

  2. Congrats on pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone! My push plan is to create my first social media video or maybe even use Periscope! *eek!*

  3. Hi Nadege, I have been a faithful reader of your blog for years and really look forward to all your posts. I love how you write and elaborate on your thoughts and just the positive energy that I experience in your writing.

    However, I did not like your podcast. I personally felt that it was very long winded and monotone. I had to break up the podcast into chunks in order to listen to it completely. I am very glad that I did get to the end because I loved the content and you do have a beautiful voice.

    It is not my intention to insult you, it's just my personal opinion.

  4. IMO this was a great first podcast

  5. I thought this was a great first podcast - keep going, with time things will be made more concise naturally. You have a wonderful speaking tone and I look forward to more!

  6. Awesome first podcast Nadege! You have a beautiful voice, btw. If I were you I'd 100% consider continuing the podcast. As a faithful podcast listener of too many to name, I think your offerings on personal development, mixed with beauty and health, would set you apart.

    The reason why I always come back to this blog is that you cover so many areas that are important to me. More importantly, each area that you DO cover is always on point, well thought out and perfectly executed. To use another form of media to share with your community as well as expand your community would be ideal, no question.

    Kudos for stepping out of that comfort zone. This is exciting :)


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