Motivation Monday | Where are you spending most of your time?

Happy Monday!  Today, I have a treat for you.  Over the past several months, I've had the pleasure of connecting with a reader.  I've exchanged tons of emails and after having several wonderful phone conversations, I invited her to share a guest post with us.  She just completed a rigorous life coaching certificate and is bursting with knowledge. I hope you enjoy her words of wisdom.

My name is Nelida Barbosa and I am a 31 years old life coach! After spending almost 10 years working as a financial consultant in corporate banking, I came to realize that I didn't want to live that life anymore. I knew there was a different way of living my life where I could be authentic and creative (no more auto pilot for me). I didn't want to take on this journey by myself. So my goal now is to help people become a true conscious leaders in their own lives. I believe it's possible to change your life and make it worthy waking up every day. 

Where are you spending your time?

Today I want to reflect on where you are spending most of your time. 
As human beings we have the benefit of having two worlds available for us:

WORLD #1 - the first world that I am referring to, is the world of thoughts and ideas.

WORLD #2- the second one is the world of action, where we can translate the ideas from the 1st world in to reality.

Now let's see what happens to most people who have an intention they want to achieve.  The intention often starts as an idea.  The idea transforms to a vision of what we want to build and the life we want to live. This corresponds to the first world: It's very comfortable and full of excitement. In the world of ideas there is no risk.  So we keep adding new ideas to our vision, and new content everyday... This world is so perfect and secure.

Nothing wrong with this. We just need to realize that is just the first step. The problem starts when you keep repeating the first step over and over again. What happens is that you start attracting more books, more teachers, more courses, and so on... all in order to make you ready to take action. But guess what? The feeling of being ready never comes. And the action never takes place.

So, the trick is to remember that we are also physical beings, we should be operating in "World #2" where action lives.   In this physical world where things are actually manifesting.

Keep a close attention to your day, and ask yourself these questions: 
- Where am I spending most of my time? 
- What actions could I be taking right now? 
- What is preventing me from taking action?
- How can I overcome the obstacles that I face?

Is perfectly fine if the answers don't come right away. Just keep them in the background of your mind, and let your subconscious mind come up with the solution.

The physical world is a world of movement.  Everything is moving. Even the table in your kitchen is made up of fast moving particles.  So If we want to thrive in this world we should take action. Don't stand still. Nothing happens there.

Remember that if you remain in World #1 (the world of ideas), you may lose the momentum, causing your energy to decrease because you see no change in your reality. Everything remains the same and frustration will start to set in.  Let me give you a personal example.  After attending coaching school to become a certified life coach, I was extremely excited to begin helping others achieve their dreams.  But, at the same time, I was fearful about how to deliver high value and guarantee my clients results.  I thought that I needed to be more prepared so I sought out teachers, courses and more programs. What I didn't notice was that I was avoiding taking the necessary action of offering my services to people.   I was very comfortable learning and confused it with progress and action.  The minute I realized what I was doing, I re-structured my day so I could monitor how much time I spending in World #1 vs. World #2.  

Nadege's notes:
I'm really grateful to Nelida for her reminder of how we are spending our time.  It's too easy to simply think about taking action, making plans and contemplating next actions. Days, weeks, months go by and nothing new exists from all of that time spent in our head.  It's like investing money in a company that produces no revenue.  It's a waste of time and money.  Let's not kid ourselves with the lofty plans we're creating.  Lofty plans are really great and absolutely useless at the same time.  Unless they cause you to quickly move into the world of action, ideas hold no value.  Confusing ideas and plans for action is a huge mistake. But we can easily avoid that as look as we schedule time for action.  

Honestly, you don't have to spend a lot of time in action, you just have to do it regularly. That's all. Regular small actions are greater than lofty plans.  For those of you who are on a 90 day challenge,  I invite you to set aside 1 hour a day to take action.  Just an hour.  But watch it compound into something phenomenal.  

If you'd like to connect with Nelida to find out more about her journey or to speak to her about living a life you love, check her out at


  1. Thank you so much for this Nelida and Nadege. This resonates with me so much. My passion have always been weddings and events. So I become a certified Wedding Planner in 2011. I did not have the confidence nor the belief that I was ready so I sought out more courses and volunteered for other planners. Still with the belief that I was not ready or good enough, I got enrolled in in Event design in 2013 and got my certification as well. Since not confident enough, I kept myself I needed more, I got certified in Floral Design this year and I have a truckload of courses that I am currently taking and want to take in the future. Continual learning is important but I need to halt it for now and start offering my services.

    Thanks once again, this helped a lot.

  2. This post almost made me jump out of my chair at work lol. I have one question: How does one narrow down the endless ideas and thoughts (referring to world #1) and stick to ONE idea..ok just answered my question (thanks to your 'one thing' post) k have a nice day :)


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