Decor Inspo || Coffee Table Ambiance

As you know, I'm preparing for my annual end of year ritual in preparation for 2016.  One of my intentions is to elevate my environment.  Ideally, I want my home to energize & inspire me.  I don't just want to live here, I want to feel amazing every time I step into my home.
I've got a long way to go, but I'm ready to take small steps that will allow me to  complete this large journey.  Currently, I'm inspired make over my coffee table.  It's the center of our home and alway should radiate beauty.
Adding delicate lighting to coffee table arrangements infuses a bit of warmth to the living space.  I'd love to have recessed lighting in my living room but this might just be the next best thing.
 Of course, safety is a high priority so invest in beautiful tea light holders to accentuate the soft light.  I really like these 7 hour tea lights that burn for most of the day.

Nothing heightens your coffee table more than candle light and fresh flowers.  Having fresh flowers all the time may not always be cost effective which makes ambient light a wonderful substitute.

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