Monday Motivation | Stop feeding the things that you don't want

The closer we get towards the end of the year, the more I tend to reflect back on the annual lessons learned.   This year was particularly unique because it's the first year that I ventured into full time entrepreneurship.  Several of my friends expressed their interest in living a life of having full control over their time.  But now, over a year later, most are in the exact same position they were in a year ago.
If I had to assess why they aren't closer to their desires than they should be, it's because they spent most of their time fueling the wrong outcomes.  It's critical to remember that our outcomes are created.  We directly influence most of our current outcomes.  We applied to the companies that employ us. We chose to live where we live.  We decide to what wear each day.  Throughout our day, we make thousands of choices which combine (and compound) to create & support our outcomes.

There are aspects of our lives that don't align with what we wish to experience.  We want something more, something different.  Our desires are clear, but our actions aren't aligned.  Instead of entering the creation process, our actions are continuing to feed our current reality.

It's really easy to constantly proclaim that you want something.  That requires very little effort.  The true test of whether you are feeding your desires is to look at your current actions.  Imagine your current results as a tree and your new, desired reality as a seed. When you talk about your desires, it's like holding the seed in your hand and talking about how it can grow into a mighty tree.   But if no actions are taken in reality, your seed remains above ground.

On the flip side, as you continue to act in your currently reality, you are watering and fertilizing the tree.  My advice to you is that you shift your focus to the tiny seed.  The seed will require much more work and attention before it even begins to sprout.  But it too has the potential to become a strong powerful tree.  Every single thing you desire for yourself has potential to become reality.  But if you constantly find yourself in a position where a year has gone by and you are still in the same place, it's because you haven't been doing the work of nurturing your seed(s).

That's ok. Because a seed that has been above ground for years can be planted and can still produce ample fruits.  All you have to do is reallocate your time and focus.  When you make plans for your day/week, how much of your time are you allowing to feed your seeds?  Because seeds are so small, it's easy to overlook them.  Each morning, before you start your day, ask yourself the following questions.  "What do I want for myself?"  Then ask "what can I do today to feed that new reality?"

 As we move into the new year, I urge you to fine tune your ability to create.  Let's stop talking about our seeds that still remain above ground.  Instead, lets place them in fertile soil and nurture them continuously until they become our new reality.

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  1. Our outcomes are created. Can someone say that 100 more times?!YAAAAAAS!
    Keyword : CREATED. Thoughts become things, but they also require ACTION. THIS post. my AHA moment

    Thank you-Thank you. THANK YOU.


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