Eternal Youth | Mastering your Beautiful Hands Routine

By now, you probably have your skin care regimen down packed.  You exfoliate regularly, give yourself amazing at home facials and even developed a rock solid layering routine.  Feels good right?

Unfortunately, there's one area in our beauty regimens that many of us could be neglecting.  And, years from now, we'll kick ourselves for not doing it sooner.  Everything we do to maintain our health and beauty will keep us looking way younger than our years.  But, our hands will be a dead giveaway if we aren't careful.

Hands that look older than our face is a woman's worst nightmare.  And, since our hands are almost constantly exposed, there's always a reminder of the unfortunate consequences of neglecting to take care of them.  Today is the day, we put an end to the rapid aging of our beautiful hands.  For today, we will develop a routine that keeps them young and beautiful for years to come.

Here's the thing, our hands are always exposed to the environment.  Then you consider how many times we wash them daily and it's no wonder the appearance of  our hands start to deteriorate so quickly.  Let's talk about an anti-aging eternal youth hand care ritual that we can easily implement now.

The basis of youthful looking hands is hydration.  The foundation of hydration is our water intake.  There were times in my life, where I wasn't drinking enough water. The first signs of dehydration showed up in my hands and feet.  When it got really bad, the palms of my hands actually started peeling.  A couple of days of increased water intake, and the peeling vanished.  My unproven theory is that our bodies ration the allocation of resources during times of lack.  Water is considered nutrition for our cells.  So when there isn't enough of it, our hands & feet fall low on the list of priorities.

Dehydration shrinks.  Hydration expands.  Want shriveled looking hands?  Make sure to skimp on your daily water intake.

 Once you're drinking adequate water, you can move to the next steps. Healthy, youthful hands have ample volume.  Of course, as we age, our collagen levels deplete. Which is why I am adamant about taking collagen supplements on a daily basis. I'm also incorporating bamboo tea  adequate silica is absolutely necessary for the production of collagen.  Nowadays, people are paying good money to have fillers injected into their hands to replace lost collagen.  The before and after pics are proof of the importance of collagen.  When we loose volume, old lady hands are an expected side effect.

 Don't forget to include other supplements like fermented cod liver oil to keep the skin supple from the inside.  If you are really serious about your collagen production, consider investing in one of these light therapy machines.  I read a testimony online where a woman uses Baby Quasar regularly after applying a hydrating product.  Thanks to LED light therapy, she's experienced an improvement in the volume (plumping) of her hands.

Next we want to nourish and protect our hands. Since they're constantly exposed, we've got to actively protect them.  This means treating our hands like the delicate skin on our face.  Do you recall my post on Japanese Facial Essence?  According to legend, the discovery of essence was the result of the amazingly youthful hands of the workers who came in constant contact with the yeast. What does this tell you?  Basically, we should be applying skin saving products on our hands as well.  Missha's Time Revolution Essence comes with a lot of product.  There's more than enough for you to put in a small spray bottle to use as a face and/or hand mist. I've tried this myself and my hands really absorbed the product (and felt instantly softer).

After misting my hands with Missha, I reach for my bottle of Capriclear coconut spray to seal everything in.  This makes them incredibly smooth and keeps them hydrated much longer.  Feel free to include anti-aging hand creams like Supergoop Forever Young (spf40), Neutrogena Norwegian hand cream (spf30), or Debra Lipman's Rich Girl hand cream (spf25) which is formulated with shea butter, avocado and jojoba oil.  I read the beauty routine of an 18 year old celebrity who wears sunscreen on her hands daily.  If an 18 year old is disciplined enough to care for her hands to keep them eternally youthful, we should be too.  If you really want to get fancy, you can slather some vaseline (on top of serums) before bed and cover them with a pair of moisture gloves for overnight repair.

From this day forth, do you promise to include your beautiful hands into your daily skin care regimen?  Do you promise to drink adequate water, protect them from the sun and remoisturize after you wash your hands?  If you do, these simple disciplines now will pay off big time in the years to come.


  1. Great tips! One simple thing I've learned is that whatever serums/creams/lotions/exfoliation that goes on my face, goes on my hands as well!

  2. Love this .Do you know any products that also lightens dark lips, I want mine to be pinker


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