How to guarantee that you don't gain weight this Holiday Season.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Hopefully it was filled with lots of love, food, and family bonding.  Perhaps, in the enjoyment and the fellowship, we may have eaten a little more than we wanted to.  Yesterday kicked off the the holiday season. And for most of us, this means the start of holiday eating and inevitable weight gain.

Let's not go down that familiar path.  Instead, let's implement a sure fire strategy that will keep us from gaining excessive weight over the coming weeks.  No one wants to have to cram into an over crowded gym on January 1.  That's why it's critical to implement this no brainer technique starting today.

So here's the fool proof technique.  I call it the "at home vacation."  There are two types of vacations.

You go away to an exotic location, you eat excessively, and lay on the beach all day.  When you return home, you're several pounds heavier than when you left.

You go away to an exotic location, you eat excessively, and you walk everywhere.  When you return home, you are the same weight (or even lighter).

Just this week,  a friend of mine returned from Vegas, the land of all-you-eat-buffets.  They boasted of not gaining any weight even though they ate to their heart's content.  They attributed their succesful results to all the walking they did while there.

We've probably all experienced both types of vacations in our lives.

It's that simple. Just incorporate walking into your daily routine and you won't have to worry about ballooning in weight over the upcoming weeks.  The new year comes brings with it new opportunities and possibilities, the last thing I want to do is start a work out plan.  So I've decided to walk  45 minutes to an hour a day at a nearby park.  Normally, 30 minutes a day would be adequate, but I've decided to up the total time to a hour a day due to all the extra calorie intake.  While there, I'll plan my day, make phones calls, or listen to audio book.  And I know for a fact that I'll likely be fitter at the end of year than I am now.  The "at home vacation" strategy is awesome.

But don't take my word for it.

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  1. Walking is a great way to keep the fat cells away! I wrote a 5 step post-thanksgiving-strategy plan last year on my blog, and it's still relevant this year! Hope you enjoy it Nadege!


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