Instagram Beauty Secret | Diddy reminds us to step our skin care game up

I'll never forget it.  A decade ago, I was watching a string of informercials on a Saturday morning.  Back in those days, the Proactiv infomercials would run on a continual loop.  Puff Daddy (his name at the time) was featured on one of the advertorials. In his testimony, he said something that will forever be seared in my mind.  "It [Proactive] moisturizes my situation and preserves my sexy."

I thought that was hilarious.  I mean, who talks like that?!  I couldn't stop laughing.  Years later, I  realize the wisdom in his now infamous statement.  I was naive for laughing at his tagline (although it's still kinda funny).  He appeared in the informercial 10 years ago and he pretty much looks exactly the same.  So perhaps moisturizing his situation really did preserve his sexy after all.

Sean turned 46 the other day.  Before heading to his all star birthday bash, the mogul graced his Instagram feed with video footage of his pre-party beauty treatments.  Let's check it out.

(click video for sound)

I got a chance to catch up on a few episodes of my favorite shows over the weekend, but now I wished that I did an at home facial instead of sitting mindlessly in front of the computer.  Can you imagine how relaxing it would be to have your facial steamer opening your pores while you catch up on the latest episodes?  Thanks for the reminder Diddy!

"I want it all baby..."

In this short clip, Diddy proclaims his undying commitment to caring for his skin.  His personal esthetician seems to be using what looks like an alternate version of the NuFace Trinity facial tool.  It uses micro currents to ease the tension in your facial muscles while increasing collagen production.  NuFace also claims to increase blood flow to the face and improve facial contours.  Notice how she's targeting the area where we tend to experience deep laugh lines?   That's probably part of the reason he has no signs of jowl formation at nearly 50 years old.

"We're here to inspire you baby."

After an intense facial treatment, there's no better way to finish off than a moisture intense sheet mask.  Diddy has come to inspire us.  Sure, he's wealthy enough to be able to afford personal in-home spa treatments.  But we all can treat ourselves with a steam cleansing facial and an ultra hydrating sheet mask.  No excuses.

"I love you....I want to best for you."

Lastly, Diddy completes his day of beautification with a vigorous facial massage.  I've spoken on this topic in the past and believe strongly in the benefits.  As we age, everything tends to head south. You'll notice the woman massaging in an upward motion.  If we're consistent with this practice, our muscles respond.  We notice less sagging causing our face appears more toned.    I mean, look at this video taken just days ago. Does this look like the face of a man who's lived nearly 50 years?

I dunno about you, but  I'm convinced in the power for consistently taking care of your skin year after year.  The results of all that hard work will be very evident and could last a lifetime.  So, I urge all of you to moisturize your situation. Start today!  It'll preserve your sexy forever.

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  1. I was laughing out loud reading this article. I also remember when his phrase 'moisturize my situation' was all over the internet back in the day. Thanks for the article, reminds me to do my facial exercises.


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