Monday Motivation | Creating the Space for your Success to happen

I've noticed a disturbing pattern happening to me week after week. On Sundays, I think on the week ahead and make these grandiose plans of what I want to accomplish.  But, as I reflect back (at the end of the week), it seems like a lot of what I desired, never actually happens.

A new week starts and I start making promises again. And again, the week ends with little to no progress.  What on earth keeps going wrong? Why do I keep repeating the same patterns over and over?
The answer to my dilemma is simple.  Each time I was to create a new outcome, I fail to take one critical step to ensure the outcome materializes.

That essential step is creating the space new actions to exist.

Let me elaborate.  Every day we are given 24 hours. And every moment of those 24 hours are occupied.  Sometimes, it's occupied with ultra time wasting activities.  But every single minute is fully accounted for.  So whenever I tell myself, "I want to do XXX."  I'm essentially trying to fit something NEW into an already filled space.

But, unless I take clear and deliberate action to create the space for the new actions to occur, I'll be disappointed with how things turn out.  Just because I say that I want to experience XYZ, doesn't mean that XYZ will happen.  As a matter of fact, I just automatically assume that XYZ will not happen unless deliberate action is taken to allow for it.  New can't come in, unless you eliminate the old.

Remember that our current reality is a result of our past actions.  Whenever we set an intention, we are desiring new results which will automatically require a new set of actions.  And in order to implement these new actions, we must create the space.  The way we allocate our time must be changed otherwise, we will continue to experience more of the same.

Whenever I look back at my week and wonder what went wrong, the answer is simple, I didn't do anything different with my time.  I lived the exact same week as the one before.   Grant Cardone said it best in the book the 10X Rule when he said that we place intense effort in certain areas of our lives. Meaning if you allow 3-4 hours to pass on social media, then you are operating at a 10X level of action on your social media time.  Meanwhile, little or no time is used to create results that you deem as actual "goals."

The work we have to do is become experts at creating space needed to take new actions that bring new results.  If any of you have ever seen the the MTV show "Made," you know what I'm talking about.  It's a straightforward method that works every single time.

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