Monday Motivation | Spring into Action

Can you tell how excited I am about spring?  The change in season has given me a new lease on life.  Winters and I don't get along because I feel hindered by the cold weather and short days.  My productivity pretty much tanks and my mood with it.

But as soon as I see glimpses of spring, everything changes.  Nothing makes me happier than glancing at the clock at 6:00 pm and realizing that it's still light out.  I've decided not to waste this extra time.  When I look all around me, I see flowers and trees blooming.  I feel like we should be taking a queue from nature and do the same.
It's time for us to plant the seeds that we'll reap later in the year.  It's no coincidence that we'll get to enjoy longer days over the next several months.  Longer days are a gift.  It allows us the extra time we need to create what we desire.  This means that after work, you can still allocate an our or two towards something productive.

Perhaps now would be a good time to start a new 90 day challenge.  In three months, summer begins.  If you start planning (and working) now,  you'll be amazed by what you can accomplish by summer.  I took a course on how to create powerful 90 day challenges.  One major key to making a 90 day challenge work is allocating time towards your goal(s).  Extra daylight gives us the time we need to stop by the gym after work, grow your side project, or prepare for that dream trip to an exotic location.

When you look back over the past several months, do you notice that you've been in a slump?  I know I was.  And now it's time to leave that slump behind.  Looking forward to reinventing myself again.  First on the agenda is to reignite my inspiration.  I do this by playing a slideshow of carefully selected images to music on my Ipad (as part of my feel good routine).  When I conduct this ritual daily, it really transforms my vibration. Once I'm feeling good, inspired action is flows easily.

 It's time to paint a vivid picture of the experiences I want to bring into my life.  As vivid as the spring blooms that have finally began to emerge.  It's time to spring into action.


  1. I love your blog it's so inspiring! I feel motivated every time I read one of your post!

  2. What app did you use to make your slideshow?

  3. Hi Shay,
    In the photos app of your Ipad, you can play a slideshow using music that you've downloaded. It's pretty easy, check out Youtube for tutorials.


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