New In.

It's been a while since I've done a "New In" post.  I guess this would be similar to a haul video if I were an avid Youtuber.  It's just a small collection of some of my favorite recent purchases. Hope you enjoy.
My shoe collection pretty much consisted of mainly open toed shoes.  Heels, sandals, wedges, everything was open toed.  So I finally decided to stop the madness and invest in a pair of proper heels.  My only requirements were a sexy silhouette and that they were comfy.  My biggest fear of closed toe shoes is pain from the confinement.  After a massive manhunt at all the local shoe stores in a 10 mile vicinity, I finally stumbled on these Stessy heels from Aldo.  The reviews were unreal. Everyone raved about how comfortable and sexy they were.  So I took the plunge.
Aldo reviewer sharing pic while wearing her Stessy heels
I haven't had a chance to wear mine yet so I don't have an official review.  I will say this, these heels seem very wearable. Meaning, they didn't hurt my feet as I wore them around the house.  Also, the black heels are a "softer" leather, so they seem like they'll scuff a little faster than the nude, which are more of a patent leather.  I'm thinking of picking up a second black pair or grabbing the patent leather version which just happens to be on sale at the moment.
My other favorite purchase is this ah-ma-zing blush from Black Radiance.  I have a few blushes in my makeup collection that get no play because they aren't flattering.  I had just about given up my search when suddenly I saw this blush before getting in line to pay for my items.  On a whim, I grabbed it without much thought.  This, my friends, is the blush I've been waiting for my entire life.  Black Radiance's Toasted Almond is perfection. It's like bronzer and blush in one.  It's what my skin would look like if I had the ability to blush naturally.

While on a trip to Walmart, I asked myself "is there a sunscreen out there that can give my skin extra benefits?"  The answer to my question came in the form of Neutrogena's Rapid Wrinkle Repair moisturizer.  The claims are that it'll brighten skin tone, smooth fine lines, diminish age spots, etc.  Although none of these are a concern for me right now, I like the fact that my sunscreen is doing more for me than sun protection. Don't get me wrong, sun protection is awesome, but if I can get a little more benefit from a product I use everyday, than so be it!
I've already discussed liquid chlorophyll at length in another post.  Since then, I've had a chance to enjoy green water on a daily basis. I drink a little first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. And, when I remember, I drink some in the evening as well. I'm hoping that it can add value to the repair and rebuilding that happens while we sleep.  One benefit I've noticed so far is improved digestion.  Gotta love that.
What you're looking at isn't a tube of toothpaste.'s a hair product.  More specifically, it's a keratin treatment in a toothpaste tube.  The packaging alone convinced me to buy it.  What had happened was that I randomly decided to run into a small Brazilian grocery store for the first time to see if they had new Kanechom varieties.  Instead of Kanechom, I find this small package of "Keratin Recharge."

I had a chance to try it for the first time yesterday.  The product itself is creamy and hydrating (like a creamy leave-in).  I freaking love creamy leave-ins so I was elated when I saw the consistency.  The instructions are a bit ambiguous so I used it to help detangle prior to roller setting.  First impressions: Me gusta!

First, it did a decent job of detangling, which I appreciate. Second, my hair feels stronger and fuller today.   You don't get a ton of product, but a little goes a long way.  And since hydrolyzed keratin is high up on the ingredient list, you probably don't want to go overboard.  I like what one reviewer said about using it mainly on her ends for detangling and strengthening. Good idea.

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  1. Thanks for post. I will def look into those also shoes and I'm always her for blush lol.


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