Study says these supplements can improve hair thickness, softness and prolong growth phase

If you're serious about your hair journey, chances are that you've probably incorporated some type of strategy to boost nutrition in your diet.  Perhaps you enjoy fresh juiced greens each morning. Or maybe you take a couple of hair vitamins with each meal.  Those are all great tactics but let's not forget the power of mighty omega oils.

Sure, I've covered omega fats plenty of times before. But this is the first time I come with documented results from a scientific study.  The research was geared towards women with female pattern baldness.  I was especially interested in it because my mother is experiencing some thinning in her crown.  During a holiday dinner, I shared with my brother how happy I was because a dermatologist was recommending Beautifully Bamboo vitamins to her patients with thinning hair.  That's when his wife mentioned that her mom was experiencing age related thinning.  They purchased a bottle for her mom and, about a month later, he texted me saying that his mother-in-law was happy with the results and wanted to restock.  When I shared the good news with my mom, she finally kicked off her very own 30 day Beautifully Bamboo challenge.

But after reading this study, I'm going back to both of them with even better news!  If they pair their Beautifully Bamboo supplements with rich omega oils and antioxidants, they could be guaranteeing an increase in both hair density and the percentage of hair strands in active growth phase.

Basically, a group of 80 women were selected for the study. Some were premenopausal, some post.  The test group were given a supplementation regimen of fish oil, black currant seed oil, vitamin c, vitamin E, and lycopene for a total of six months. And get this.....the study participants were asked not to take any additional supplements or alter their diet.  The goal was to see if omega oils and antioxidants alone were enough to promote healthy hair.

After six months of regimented supplementation, almost 90% of the women experienced a reduction in hair loss.  They also had a decrease of the number of hairs in telogen phase. That's where the hair is stagnant. It's still attached to the scalp, but not actively growing.  The best part of the results was the increase in percentage of hair in anagen phase (active hair growth).  The control group saw no increase in anagen hair after six months.  

The most exciting news is, after six months of supplementation, there was a "significant increase" of hair density and thickness.  The control group continued to experience a decline in thickness.  They then asked the participants to rate their hair's density, volume, shine and softness.  After 3 months, there wasn't much of a perceived difference.  But at 6 months, the supplemented group really started to reap the rewards of their consistency.

*Mental note:  When starting a new regimen, try to allow for at least six months to experience the most optimal results.*
Actual before/after images of the women in the study
By the way, "softness," "shine,"and "increase in volume" received the highest marks by the study participants.  So if you've been battling dry, dull hair....drink more water, and get serious about your omega oil supplementation.  Heck, I stopped typing mid-sentence to pop a few fermented cod liver oil pills which contain high quality omega oils and, all natural, readily absorbable vitamin A, D & K.
From time to time, I get an email from a woman distraught over her postpartum shedding.  Usually I'm giving general advice but I think the results of this study could have great benefits for excessive shedding as well.  I'm also excited to apply this regimen in the fall and winter when hair growth slows and shedding is prolific.


  1. I need to share this with mom. She complains about the pills she takes for health reasons but her hair has been shedding or slow to grow for years and this may help. It may not but she may be willing to try. Cool thanks for the information.

  2. It's ironic that I also take all these supplements and I can vouch for it. I also use rice water on my entire body including (face, scalp and hair) and noticed no more shedding darker hair and thicker. I think a combo of everything is helping! Great post as always:)


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