The Healthy cuticle Flat Iron with plates made of ice

Healthy Hair
Most of us have a love hate relationship with flat irons.  On the one hand, they have the ability to create sleek styles.  But every time those hot plates touch our hair, we cringe a little knowing that damage is occurring on some level.

I've searched far and wide for healthy flat iron alternatives.  First, we learned of the steam iron, which had tiny water reservoirs and produced moisture enhancing steam with each pass. Then, came the discovery of the conditioning iron which uses the power of infrared technology to help the hair maintain moisture and overall health.
Now there's something new.  A "flat iron" made of ice!  We talked extensively in the past about the ability of freezing temps to create powerful results.  We know that cold showers promote moisturized skin and sleek cuticles.  What if you can expose your hair to cool temps without having to deal with the discomfort of ice water.

The Inverse Hair Conditioning system looks very much like any other flat iron except that it's cordless and the plates (ice cores) are ice cold!  That's because, instead of plugging it into an outlet to heat up, you place it in a freezer.  According to the founder of the company, once frozen these plates have the ability to lock in moisture.  They also claim that this frozen plates create healthier hair and, in the long run, "make the hair less susceptible to damage and breakage."  There are even some nifty before and after pics, on their site, of the in tact hair cuticle from a customer who's used the Inverse Hair Conditioning system for 30 days.
I should also mention that, like the conditioning flat iron, this ice iron is not meant to straighten hair.  Which means that girls with curly hair can still get the benefits of a sealed cuticle without compromising your curly style.  The company recommends that you air dry after using the Inverse system so you don't reverse the benefits of the ice cold plates.  I would make so much use of this iron during the summer months.  I think it would be a nice treatment after a day in the hot sun to help soothe the strands.

Although the iron would be pretty need to have, it's quite an investment.  I wonder if there's a DIY workaround that I can try?  If I do find a way, I'll certainly let you know.


  1. If this really worked couldn't you just run a few ice cubes down your wet hair and get the same results, while saving $300?! I think the before and after pics just look like the difference between DIY styling and having your hair professionally styled, so it's hard to see the "improvement" the device (supposedly) provides over time.

    I have chosen Tress Guard to battle against the love-hate relationship I have with my flat iron, I've had my hair in crochet braids for the last month, but will be taking them down this weekend. I'm SUPER excited to try out these guards because I think this will be the simple--and cost effective answer I've been looking for.

  2. yeah, a bit pricey one but looks awesome,

    eagerly waiting for your experiment & result from using this flat iron.

  3. I have a DIY for this device, but it's a bit "out there". You take 2 frozen freeze pops and staple the plastic wrapper ends together.They should be in a V shape. You take a piece of hair and run it between the 2 freeze pops. Told you it was "out there". :)


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