Creating Your Ultimate Weekend Detox Routine.

The week goes by so fast. Each morning we leap out of bed and quickly get started about our day.  Before we know it, the sun has set and it's time to rest up for the day ahead.  This happens a few times and next thing we know, its the weekend.

Weekends are a perfect time to rest up, rejuvenate and get ready for the new week.  Which is why I've decided to engage in a new habit that I like to call the weekend cleanse.  Basically, I'll consider the weekend as a time to incorporates small activities that promote detoxifying and overall wellness.
Detoxing can take on many forms from exfoliation to internal cleansing.  And hopefully, I'll touch on all aspects throughout the weekend. Here's a little bit of what I have in mind.

1. {Lots of Water} - Some weeks, I just know that I didn't drink enough water.  I'm so busy working that I sometimes forget to refill my bottle.  On the weekends, I can try my hardest to make up for lost time.  And since I'll be home for the most part, I can endure the extra trips to the restroom without feeling like I'm causing too many interruptions to my day. Let's be real, a proper detox can not take place unless we're nourishing our bodies with lots of water. So make sure that you do not skip this step.
2. {Nutrition} - Sometimes weekends are cheat days. Meaning, we eat a little less healthy than we normally would.  That's fine, we can enjoy a decadent meal on a Saturday night, but for the most part, I'd like to incorporate highly nutritious components as well.  Last week I located a local juice bar nearby.  Since they bottle raw juices on site, I can save myself the time and hassle from having to do it myself.   Besides enjoying fresh veggie juice, I plan on sipping on chlorophyll and lemon water all weekend long.  Chlorophyll is an amazing internal cleanser.  When consumed regularly, it can help improve digestion, promote healthy skin, and best of all chlorophyll can actually rid the body of odors. And we all know that lemon water can help bring the body to an alkaline state which has anti-inflammatory benefits.  Work related stress raises cortisol which promotes inflammation.  So it's a must that we utilize the weekend to wind down and reverse some of the damaging effects of stress.

3. {Sweating} - I don't like to sweat. But I know it's truly necessary.  And when I do it regularly, there are so many benefits that await.  Sweating is one of the best cleansing activities around.  We just don't engage in it enough.  So I'm making it a mission to fit in at least one good sweat during the weekend.  My favorite way to generate a "cleansing sweat" is via the infrared sauna.  Within minutes of stepping into the sauna, I'm literally covered in sweat.  My second best cleansing sweat technique is from bouncing on the trampoline.  Rebounding, is a natural detoxifier because it activates your lymphatic system.  Tapping into your lymphatic system is super important because (1.) It helps your body remove toxins from the body and (2.) Your lymph system needs your help to get things moving.  If I combine a quick rebounding session with 20 minutes in the sauna, I'll be detoxing in a major way.

4. {Exfoliation} - The other form of detox high on the priority list is exfoliation. The weekend is thee perfect time to pay a little extra attention to our skin.  I try to incorporate some type of mild exfoliation on a daily basis but I can make up some good ground on the weekend. Exfoliating post sweat yields better results than a typical scrub session in the shower. So I'll try to combine sweating + exfoliation on the weekends since I have more time to carry out the process.

I mustn't forget the face. The last time I did a laxative facial steam, I really liked the results.  Henceforth, my skin will get to enjoy this beneficial skin treatment each and every weekend.

And that's just a few of the many options to include in my weekly detox routine. There's also the mental detox component that needs to be included as part of my feel good routine.  Promoting mental focus and clarity on your down time is what will make you sharp come Monday morning.  If executed properly, this weekend detox will serve as the perfect reset button to prepare us for the week ahead.

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