[Inspired By] The Ultra Nourishing Face Oil that will Save Your Skin This Winter

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Last month I attended a conference in hopes of sharpening my skillset.  When purchasing the tickets, there were several options available including the VIP package which promised access to a souped up swag bag valued at hundreds of dollars.

I thought for a moment then decided to take the plunge.  What if that bag contained ultra elite beauty products that could forever change my life?  I couldn't pass that up.

The event went well but what I was most excited about was the chance to finally dig into my bag.  Some of the items were full sized hair products that I wanted to try but couldn't carry back on the plane.  Others would make for good stocking stuffers.  I was almost disappointed until I realized that they provided several products from the Biossance Line.

My first introduction to Biossance products was when I stumbled upon a SnapChat beauty secret.  That beauty secret reveal lead to one of my most beloved finds of the year.
As I dug into my crowded gift bag.  I let out a high pitched squeal after finding a full-size bottle of their "Nourisher" product which normally retails for around $72.00.  Instinct immediately took over and I flipped the package over to check out the list ingredients.

They've combined an oil soluble vitamin C, squalane, chios crystal oil and rose extract into one amazing blend.  I really love this product but I'm not sure if I'd fork out $72.00 to replace it when the time comes.

Then I wondered if I could recreate a similar blend by combining two of my favorite face oils of all time!

The oils I speak of are rose hip and squalane.
In my opinion, rosehip and squalane are ideal face oils.  Not only are they lightweight and non-greasy, but they actually add real value to the skin.  As you may recall, rosehip oil is absolutely loaded with antioxidants.  That's probably why it feels so luxurious on the skin.  But what makes rosehip so extraordinary is its ability to promote cell turnover while helping to fade discoloration and acne scars.  The vitamin A content of rosehip is responsible for the wonderful benefits to your skin.  As you may now, people pay good money for access to prescription strength vitamin A cream (Retin-A) so rosehip oil is like a dream come true.

When combined with squalane, you get an ultra-nourishing, skin rejuvenating miracle oil.  Squalane helps keep the skin soft while locking in moisture. Rosehip repairs.

Both glide effortlessly on the skin leaving behind no traces of oiliness.  When I apply my rose-squalane oil blend, the only thing I notice is a nice subtle glow before my skin drinks it up.  I understand that my squalane-rose oil isn't an exact dupe of Biossance's Nourisher. It's more of an "inspired by" creation.   If you have both of these oils in your possession, try combining them so you too can experience the best of both worlds.  With winter fast approaching, moisturizer alone may not suffice, we may need to seal in that moisture with a lightweight oil that keeps the skin supple while turning back the hands of time.


  1. I'll have to give this a try. Right now I'm using jojoba oil but always looking ford something thay could possibly work better and provide additional benefits.

  2. Rose hip oil is supposed to be super good for the skin. I really want to get into more skincare that has it. Need to invest in one for the winter x



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