[Snapchat Beauty Secret] I've stumbled upon the Universal Hair and Skin Moisturizer

My new daily ritual consists of watching Snapchat stories while bouncing on the mini-trampoline.  While getting my workout, I keep my eyes and ears peeled for any glimpses of must have product reveals.

I struck gold the other day when a popular blogger shared her entire nightly routine.  I watched closely as she walked us through her process,  revealing the pricey products that nourish her perfect skin.  As she approached the end of her layering regimen, she pulled out a product, patted into her face then proceeded to rub the rest into her hair.  "It's a universal moisturizer" she explained "it boosts moisture levels of your products and you can even rub it into your hair if it's feeling dry."

What kind of foolishness is this? I thought as she saturated her ends with her facial product.  But soon, disbelief turned into curiosity causing me to quickly capture a screenshot of the product reveal.

@chrisellelim (via Snapchat)
The item she boasted about is Biossance Revitalizer (universal moisturizer, aka miracle in a bottle).  Quickly I sought out to find out what this "universal moisturizer" was made of.  It turns out this is a one ingredient product. And that one ingredient is squalane.

Squalene is "hydrating oil" that naturally occurs in the body. Once you hit your 20's your natural squalane supplies begin to rapidly decline.  Its main function is to keep our skin soft and moist.  Squalene essentially our moisture molecule and one of the compounds found in human sebum.  That's probably why this miracle skin moisturizer can also be used on our hair.   Because squalane is already a naturally occurring compound, it's easily and quickly absorbed. From what I read, squalane also helps promote cell turnover.  Any product that helps promote cell turnover is A-O.K. in my book.

Even more exciting is the sun-protecting qualities of squalane.  It protects the skin from lipid oxidation from UV rays and free radicals.  Squalene is also non-comedonal (won't clog pores) and anti-bacterial.  Basically, it's the perfect skin care product.

Within minutes of watching the snapchat, I placed my order on Amazon.  I went ahead and bought a generic version of squalane for much less.  First impression is that I absolutely love squalane.  It's odorless and ultra light weight.  In the bottle, it looks like a liquid but I'd compare the consistency to a light weight serum.  But because of its structure, this stuff absorbs fast and it feels amazing on the skin.

On Sunday, I decided to crown row my hair so I haven't had a change to use it as a hair moisturizer yet.  I did rub a little into my ends and it made them feel smoother (like an all natural serum).  From now on, I'll be adding drops of squalane to Aveda daily moisturizer to amp up moisture levels.  I love the way it feels on the skin so it's now officially part of my morning and night routine. And, in the winter, I will slather my entire body with squalane before the start each new day.

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