[style EDIT] What to Wear or Buy This Weekend.

It's the weekend.  Have you already planned out your cute, casual looks?  If not, allow me to provide  a little bit of inspiration.  It's getting hotter by the day so we've got to get more creative with putting together looks that will keep us cool and stylish at the same time. Check out my short list of outfit inspiration for you to wear to shop for this weekend.
I'm a huge fan of play suits.  They offer the perfect blend of style and comfort.  In my opinion, the long sleeve playsuit is the ultimate summer style piece.  You can easily dress your romper up with a pair of heels and statement jewelry or keep a casual with flats.  The length of the sleeves balance the outfit so you aren't showing too much skin.  I absolutely love the one shown in this pic.  She chose the perfect color to compliment her skin tone.   I have one in military green and it's absolute perfection.

If you've been living in tank tops this summer like I have, you might be passing up a great opportunity to jazz up your look.  Instead of reaching for the same pair of jeans, try wearing your tank with a statement skirt.  Skirts help your stay cool while elevating your entire outfit.  Stick with neutral colors to keep the look chic and put together.   Bored this weekend? Go scout out your local thrift stores & see if you can score some unique statement skirts.

I hate two piece matching sets.  But I adore the combination of varying shades of the same color. It's the modern version of the matching outfit and I'm completely here for it. 
Although I just wrote an article on kimonos, I felt compelled to include them on this list.  To me, kimono's are ideal outerwear for summer. Sometimes when you're wearing a tiny cotton dress, you want a little something extra to enhance the outfit.  Look no further than the kimono.
My other trick for layering during the warmer months is to leverage my button down shirts.  Since they're lighter weight, they bring a bit more sophistication to your outfit without adding bulk.  On the top of my wish list is a button down camo shirt.  It's been a little tricky to find one, so the strategy now is to find a man's camo shirt in a small size.  Another great layering option is a chambray shirt.  Pretty much any button down can serve as summer outer wear so have fun experimenting. 

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