[Snapchat Beauty Secret] Gabrielle Union reminds us to Go to Bed Greasy

If you're familiar with this blog, you know that "going to bed greasy" is one of our known pillars of youthful skin practiced by many celebrity beauties.  We've discussed this at length here, here and here. But sometimes, it's good to be reminded of why we should never, ever, stop this habit.
How is this woman 43 years old?
There's some buzz going around about a recent Snap by Dwayne Wade in which he and Gabrielle are laying in bed.  Everyone is freaking out about the screenshots because it looks as if the couple captured themselves after having an intimate moment.  But if you actually watch the video, you realize that nothing weird happened.  People are up and arms because Gabby's skin is glowing and it appears that her face has that post coital glow.
Screenshot of Gabby's skin covered in oil (with D. Wayde cropped out for decency)
But, if you look closely, you'll realize that her skin is actually covered in oil as part of her go to bed greasy routine.  Here, we have actual evidence of an ageless, flawless celebrity with her face covered in nourishing oil.

But the real question is.....what type of oil is she wearing?

Well, I did a little digging and I think I've found the answer.  In a recent article on Elle online, Gabby shared her newest beauty secret.  In her interview, Gabby reveals how she stumbled on a face oil by the name of Julie's Camellia Oil.  The brand she uses costs $48.00, but it's basically 100% camellia seed oil so it's easy to find a cost friendly alternative.  Camellia seed oil is pretty amazing. It's loaded with nutrients and has moisturizing properties. It's one of the many reasons why I chose to include camellia as one of the main ingredients in Gleau's formula.

Gabby tells Elle online that she was weary, at first, of putting oil on her already oily skin.  But, in doing so, "it's transformed her skin."  Gabby calls camellia seed a "godsend and a wonder product."  Now....we already know Gabrielle's skin is already amazing, so if she claims that this oil has taken her skin to the next level, then we should all take heed.
Gabby, looking decades younger than her age.
The great thing about going to bed greasy is that you can customize which oil works best for you. Gabby's skin seems to love camellia seed oil. Others use sweet almond, coconut oil, or vaseline.  If you aren't tryin' to look as greasy as Gabby did, rosehip oil is a great alternative because it's a drier oil with beaucoup anti-aging benefits.  What matters is that you find the oil that compliments to your skin and you wear it at night so it can work its magic.

Thanks for the reminder Gabby!

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Check out Gabrielle's full interview with Elle here


  1. Nice article. Her skin really is gorgeous!!! I wonder what cleanser she uses?

  2. Olive oil really works for me. It makes my skin glow and evens it out. I've not been consistent though.

    1. Hi Belle! The other day my dad randomly recommended that I sleep with a mixture of olive oil and vaseline on my face. I've tried other oils before but since you and him both mentioned olive oil, I might give it a shot.

  3. Any recommendations for acne-prone skin? I have relatively clear skin ordinarily but whenever I've tried an oil, it has resulted in break-outs. I've tried coconut oil, vitamin e oil, and vaseline. Guess I could see how camellia seed oil does :)

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I would say to start with Rosehip before camellia seed. It's not as oily and behaves on the skin in a similar way to Retin-A (which is often prescribed to treat acne). If rosehip doesn't work, then stick with a thick, hydrating moisturizer. I have another product (ordered today) that could also be a suitable alternative. I'll be writing a post on it sometime next week.

  4. I once read somewhere that camellia oil was used by Japanese Geisha to keep their skin beautiful. Thanks for the post.

  5. Hello,
    I wanted to let everyone know that if you are experiencing issues with oils and getting clogged pores along with acne (I know I did) Try belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb. It works very well at hydrating and is light weight. I use it twice per day but at night before I go to bed I am more heavy handed with it to get the same results as using oil. It also has no harsh chemicals, parabans, etc. Hopefully this helps someone and any other ideas please let me know. I will definitely try Rose Hip oil.

  6. Many times the break outs is from the impurities coming out. I have oily sling and have been using the OCM for about 3-4
    Years now


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