[Post Work Out Ritual] How to Maximize your after Work Out Glow.

The other day I was browsing through a thread on LHCF where the ladies were discussing their experience with Beautifully Bamboo.  One member shared that she was experimenting with drinking her tea in the evening instead of in the morning after breakfast.  That's when I chimed in and presented my theory that drinking the tea at night could bring additional benefits.

We know our bodies rebuild and repair while we sleep (which is why it's so important that you get your beauty rest). A while back I experimented with taking certain supplements before bed and felt like I could see a difference with my skin in the morning.  Then I started brainstorming what other supplements could add value when taken before bed. The first thing that came to my mind was Beautifully Bamboo tea. It's caffeine free and loaded with the ultimate beauty mineral - silica.  As you sleep soundly, you've provided your body a little something special which it can use for your benefit.  Since silica is essential for building skin firming collagen, drinking the tea before bed would make a lot of sense.

Then a member chimed in and said she too believed in the theory that taking some supplements before bed could be advantageous.  She then goes on to say that post workout would be another great opportunity because of the increased blood flow.

My mind was blown.

Why hadn't I thought about this before?  Increased circulation is a pillar of beauty and health.  We've talked about the beauty benefits of increased blood flow from massages, sauna sessions, cold showers, and even cryotherapy.   But what about leveraging the blood rushing power of exercise to our benefit.  Sure, we experience stronger leaner muscles but are there other benefits we could experience as well?

We've talked before about how some swear that working out consistently helped prompt hair growth.
But is there anything we can do to take an active part in the process?  There sure is....
I think there's no better time for a scalp massage then post workout.

Several times a week I go for a leisurely walk. While in nature, I'm suddenly inspired with lots of amazing ideas. Today, I learned that this happens because physical activity produces increased blood flow to the brain.  Exercise prompts flood flow to every part of the body.  But the muscles we exercise the most receive the greatest benefit.  Post workout, you can try exercising your scalp, or you can conduct a good old fashion scalp massage to further intensify the blood flow to that area.

But before that, I recommend you start with a facial massage to rush the skin cells with oxygen rich blood.  Have you ever taken a look at the faces of mature individuals who work out regularly?  They have the body of a 20 year old but their  face reveals their true age.  Why is that?  Probably because they've been paying attention to their bodies all their lives while totally ignoring the muscles of the face.  If you look at the skin of a child you notice how bright and healthy their skin appears. That's because those youngins have naturally high blood circulation.  We, on the other hand, have to work a little extra to produce those same types of results.  And by massaging our (clean) faces, we are giving our facial muscles an extra shot of nutrient rich blood and prolonging that post work out glow.

We've already chatted about how eating a post workout treat might not be too detrimental to your diet. But instead of enjoying a high calorie snack, perhaps it's the best time to flood our bodies with nutrition.  Post workout, might be a time great grab a healthy meal and take our daily vitamins. And since circulation is on high, liquid nutrition is a great option.   Juices and smoothies are at the top of the list along with protein shakes and such.  I'm in the process of compiling a list of amazing beauty waters that will hydrate and keep you beautiful post exercise and all day long.  Will share the full beauty roundup soon.

Stay tuned.


  1. i love this post, thanks for the information it has been very usefull.

  2. I'm working out and now I see that the best effects you can get only if you combine diet, exercising and supplementation. Your article is very good. I think that this is very important to take care of your organism after working out. I love going to sauna after good exercising!


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