[Wash Day Project] Try adding this powerful detoxifier to your shampoo

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The weekend is here. And many of us have set aside time to conduct the almighty wash day ritual. And perhaps we'll do a mini-facial as well.  Since it's summer now, and with the warmer temps, I'm sure most of you are really focusing on scalp cleansing to remove any excess oil, dirt and sweat.

May I offer you a suggestion that could easily provide the best scalp cleansing you've ever had?

For this wash day experiment, I invite you to add one additional ingredient to your shampoo to ensure your hair and scalp are clarified to the fullest.  What's this additional ingredient?
Activated Charcoal face mask
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I've talked about it on the blog several times. I'm sure many of you already have this item in your possession.  Perhaps you clean your teeth with it to produce whiter results.  Or maybe you add a pinch of it to your DIY facial mask to deep clean your pores. Perhaps you sip on it for a bit of internal cleansing.

Yes, the ingredient I speak of is activated charcoal.  A detoxifier so powerful that there is none like it.  I'm not sure why it took me so long to consider activated charcoal as a scalp treatment. I mean, scalp is skin too, right?  It turns out there are quite a few activated charcoal shampoos on the market.  But why not try a DIY version by adding a pinch to your shampoo this wash day to maximize your cleansing?

Keep in mind that charcoal is a strong detoxifier so, by adding a little to your shampoo, you've officially transitioned from cleansing to clarifying.   You'll remove product build up and dirt as well as excess oil and congestion.  Be sure to follow up with your favorite moisturizing conditioner and seal with oil to bring balance back to your hair and keep it from over drying.

I'm also considering mixing a little charcoal, peppermint oil, and witch hazel in a spray bottle and using it as a pre-shampoo stimulating scalp cleanse.  The options are endless.

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