[Your Best Skin Ever] Why the Laxative Facial might be your newest beauty secret.

You may remember the article we shared a few weeks back where Jourdan Dunn practically invited us to have full access to her beauty cabinet.  She revealed an arsenal of products, many of which landed on my wish list.

Then Jourdan decided to be extra generous and reveal her Sunday evening skin perfecting routine.  One of the items in her reveal was Skin Owl's Beauty Steam.  It's a combination of skin loving herbs that take your facial steam to a new level.  It sounded amazing.....but a bit pricey.

The idea of enjoying an herbal facial steam seemed too intriguing to pass up.  So I started researching for alternatives.  Soon, I stumbled on an age old beauty secret that women have been enjoying for years to create their most flawless glow.
Apparently, there's an herbal laxative called Swiss Kriss has become a cult skin care secret.  Instead of consuming the tea for internal cleansing.  Beauty advocates perform a "laxative facial" by placing the flakes in a bowl of hot water and allowing the steam to deep clean pores and remove toxins.

I guess it sorta makes sense because the ingredients in the Swiss Kriss are known for their cleansing qualities.  Could it also work as a mini pore purifier?

According to what I've read online, it most certainly does!   After checking out an interview of a woman who swears by the laxative facial on Refinary29, I was sold.  She first heard of this detoxifying steaming facial from an "insanely beautiful friend, with the most flawless perfect skin."  After trying the Swiss Kriss laxative facial for herself, Rachel claims that "the result is truly glowing skin."

In a separate article featuring Swiss Kriss, a couple  commenters shared their experience:

Gotta say this stuff really works! I used to steam my complexion with Swiss Kriss years (Decades!) ago and it cleared my skin up beautifully. You know how things go, though. I moved away from my local health food store where I bought it and could never find it again, and finally just forgot about it... (This was before we all had computers and Google and the ability to find just about anything on line.) Well, I was just inspecting my woefully clogged pores in my magnifying mirror and that old herbal laxative steam remedy popped into my head. I remembered how my college roommates teased me when they saw the laxative in my beauty supplies! I realized I could probably find it again online! 

I read about this facial years ago in an interview with a top model who needed perfect skin for close up shots. It works very very well - just remember to moisturize your face about a half hour after steaming it with Swiss Kriss.

Those are just a couple of testimonies, there are many more left by Amazon reviewers who have granted Swiss Kriss a perfect 5 star rating!  I love the laxative facial as an alternative deep pore cleansing method for those who find clay masks to be too drying.   This is a beauty secret that has been around for ages. And now you are officially in the know!  Swiss Kriss is a much more affordable alternative to the designer brand that Jourdan uses. Thanks to Swiss Kriss, we can ALL elevate our Sunday Skin care experience to Super Model Status.

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